How a Malaysia-based Mobile Virtual Network Operator Is Driving Sales Worldwide with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

June 18, 2018

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Success Story

As the world gets smaller and travel footprints get larger, there’s a company changing the way people stay connected across borders—one ultrathin microchip sticker at a time. Malaysia-based Flexiroam developed its proprietary technology to create a seamless, hassle-free mobile phone travel experience, and is relying, in part, on strong industry alliances to share this with travellers.

Flexiroam’s co-founder and Vice President of Sales & Marketing Nicholas Yeap explains: “Our biggest challenge is educating travellers; helping them understand, and feel comfortable adopting, our technology. Flexiroam X is essentially a microchip in the form of a sticker that you paste on top of your SIM card. This turns it into a dual SIM that you can toggle on when you travel and toggle off when you are home, just by using our mobile app. There’s no need to buy a local SIM card in your destination, and no need to switch out your SIM card. For many people, this is a relatively new concept, so it is mission critical that we help them embrace it.”

One way that Flexiroam does this is through alliances. Partnering sales and marketing not only drives revenue for the company, but also strengthens the Flexiroam brand through association with industry leaders. The company currently has more than 100 travel industry partners, including major airlines and top travel agencies, and continues to build on success with some help from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

My advice for new joiners to our sales and marketing team: Utilize all resources available and be diligent; use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, because it's a powerful tool to find the right people. — Flexiroam's Nicholas Yeap

Picking up the Prospecting Pace

“Before LinkedIn Sales Navigator, reaching out to prospects online was pretty tough, so my team spent a lot of time on the road trying to meet the right people through meetings, exhibitions and other offline marketing activities. Now, our prospecting and lead generation process is much faster, because LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps us identify prospects with precision, gives us more insights about them, and allows us to connect directly with them within the platform,” said Nicholas.

He estimates that LinkedIn Sales Navigator contributes to about a quarter of Flexiroam’s partner sales, and about half of its on-lead generation today. It has also helped Grace Gadin, Flexiroam’s Head of Partner & Airline Affiliates, sign on two-thirds of the company’s airline partners.

“I love how LinkedIn Sales Navigator creates so many opportunities for us. Of course, it’s up to us to make the most of each connection. It’s not just about reaching out, but also about how well we connect with people, how we show interest in their goals, and how we work to create a win-win situation for all parties,” Grace said, adding: “The other feature I love is PointDrive. This has made it so easy for me to upload and share material with potential partners, and so convenient for the recipient to access this via a link rather than an attachment.”

Like Grace, the rest of the Flexiroam team uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator on a daily basis. Nicholas makes sure of this by setting a minimum score that every member of the team must achieve in order to keep using the tool.

“We are very happy with the results that LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the social selling approach have given us, so using social selling index as a performance indicator is a natural way to keep this momentum going.”

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