Percolate Achieves Prospecting Precision with Help from Sales Navigator

October 9, 2019

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Success Story

Percolate is a New York City-based provider of enterprise content marketing platform. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the company sees 83% of its closed revenue influenced by Sales Navigator. And its sales team sees a 15% higher win-rate for Sales Navigator-sourced opportunities.

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As the provider of an enterprise content marketing platform built with customer experience at top-of-mind, Percolate fully understands the importance of reaching prospects with targeted, customized, relevant messaging. The company has built its own growth strategy around this principle, embracing a model its refers to as “Account Based Sales Development” (ABSD). But delivering on this ambition requires the right tools to empower the sales staff.


Since 2014, Percolate has made Sales Navigator an integral component of its prospecting and outreach. The networking infrastructure, wealth of professional data, and accessibility of information makes the platform an essential daily fixture for the company’s reps.

“It’s just a must-have for our organization,” according to Irina Soriano, Director of Global Enablement & Training. “It’s the first ask from reps that come onboard.”


The insights and capabilities available through Sales Navigator helped sales reps at Percolate target, understand, and engage higher quality opportunities. As a result, Sales Navigator has influenced 83% of closed revenue from September 2018 to September 2019. Deals sourced and influenced by Sales Navigator have also demonstrated 12-15% higher win-rates.

Sales Navigator has significantly helped us in customizing our outreach to prospects and planning any strategies directed toward a specific audience. — Irina Soriano, Director of Global Enablement & Training, Percolate

Fostering cross-functional alignment

Percolate’s ABSD model is a slight spin on Account Based Marketing (ABM), which is gaining popularity and prevalence across the B2B landscape. In both setups, coordination between multiple departments — especially sales and marketing — is vital. Sales Navigator cultivates this crucial alignment, in part by making content more nimble and deployable for the sales team. “We love to share relevant non-promotional content with prospects and customers, and our marketing team makes a huge effort to produce that content.

A conduit to meaningful engagements

As one example of the platform’s impact, Soriano shares the story of a rep that was able to arrange a productive meeting with a hard-to-reach key contact, who’d been non-responsive to cold calls and emails.

“We had a really interesting marketing event coming up, so the rep built a very customized InMail with an invite to that event,” Soriano says. “She got a response, and an RSVP, two days after she sent it out, after trying to get in touch with him for a long time. He attended the event and had a great evening. There were very fruitful conversations following that event that are still ongoing.”

The path to personalization at scale

Tailored communications are the aspiration of almost every sales and marketing team today, but it’s an elusive objective for busy professionals who are prospecting at high volumes. Equipping every seller with Sales Navigator is instrumental for this purpose at Percolate. Through the use of targeted filtered searches, lead lists, and insight-driven research, sellers are able to reach the right individual with the right message.

“I think it’s deeply refreshing to actually receive a personal InMail from someone who really seems to care, is not wasting my time, but rather tries to provide deep insight into a topic that I might potentially be interested in,” Soriano explains. “It’s just a true differentiator, and we are able to do that through Sales Navigator.”

Gaining access to Sales Navigator is the first ask from reps that come onboard. So, we really take this as confirmation that the tool is fundamental to a rep’s job here at Percolate. — Irina Soriano, director of Global Enablement & Training, Percolate

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