Sales Navigator Helps 24 Hour Home Care Build Relationships with Hard-to-Reach Contacts

January 29, 2020

24 Hour Home Care LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., 24 Hour Home Care is a community-based company that is locally owned and operated with 15 locations throughout California, Arizona and Texas. The company’s mission is to help individuals continue a full, active and healthy way of life providing premier non-medical home care services tailored to their needs. The company’s motto is “care and complete,” speaking to a dual focus on providing excellent care in a comprehensive fashion.


24 Hour Home Care’s acquisition model is largely based on referrals from case managers and social workers at hospitals and similar facilities. Because healthcare settings are busy and restrictive about outside access, it can be difficult to develop and tightly maintain relationships with new contacts, especially since the healthcare system has been somewhat behind the curve in terms of social media adoption. The team at 24 Hour Home Care, however, noticed a shift in this industry trend, leading them to wonder how they might leverage a tool like LinkedIn.


In efforts to better enable their field sales team, 24 Hour Home Care piloted LinkedIn Sales Navigator midway through 2019, testing the platform’s functionality to see if it might bolster their field staff’s reach.

“For us, all of our sales is boots-on-the-ground, building relationships,” explains 24 Hour Home Care’s Owner and Cofounder, Ryan Iwamoto. “We wanted to leverage this platform, extend our bandwidth to reach more people, including people we probably don’t even know about.”

The Saved Searches capability of Sales Navigator has been integral to 24 Hour Home Care’s efforts, enabling the company to identify and closely track key individuals while taking advantage of timely opportunities, such as a new hire or noteworthy professional milestone. “If anyone new comes on our radar, or there’s any activity that we can comment on, I think those are the two main points and that’ll give us another touch point to either build a relationship or extend a relationship,” says Iwamoto.

After a brief pilot period, 24 Hour Home Care quickly extended its Sales Navigator license for a full year and hasn’t looked back.


Insights available through Sales Navigator help the team at 24 Hour Home Care gain visibility into hiring updates and prompts to engage with new or existing contacts, via the Saved Searches feature. As a result, the company substantially increased the breadth of its outreach and relationship-building.

“These are people that we wouldn’t have met, if we didn’t have this tool,” says Iwamoto. “Sales Navigator is allowing us to now expand our network within the hospitals. Instead of meeting with maybe 10-15 people on our rounds at the hospital, we can now get 20-25 people.” Roughly doubling the number of individuals they can connect with on a given trip greatly enhances the staff’s relationship-based approach, enabling them to become more efficient and driving significantly more business.

Sales Navigator provides more access to the higher-level people, and those people are on LinkedIn — the directors and VPs in the healthcare space. — Ryan Iwamoto, Owner and Cofounder, 24 Hour Home Care

Ramping up the program

With any new software, adoption is always a challenge. Iwamoto says his company found success through a progressive rollout with milestones that grew more ambitious over time. Openly sharing best practices and success stories helped build momentum, as did an added element of friendly competition.

As an example, Iwamoto recalls that one week during the pilot period he asked his team to save 50 leads by their next call. Then, at that point, he would add another goal, such as having all their top hospitals in the Saved Searches. “We kind of led them through this process, framing it around how they’ll be setting themselves up for success,” he says. 

Tagging lead origins and tracking the number of contacts added into their CRM via LinkedIn helped reps clearly understand the value of these activities.

Crucial business prompts

It’s always important to have a meaningful reason to reach out. In the world of healthcare and hospitals, it’s especially vital. Insights obtained through Sales Navigator provide 24 Hour Home Care’s reps with valid business reasons to set appointments and visit the facilities, even if it’s just to have a conversation about an article that was shared by a particular social worker.

Fulfilling the company vision

24 Hour Home Care operates with a genuine mission of making an impact on people’s lives. Not just for clients, but also for the professionals who provide care through their network. By driving more opportunities through Sales Navigator, the company is able to broaden its positive impact, creating more jobs for caregivers while making a difference in more lives for people in need of these services.

Our company’s purpose is to impact people’s lives and make a difference every day. This tool allows us to build these different relationships with the hospitals that are referring us these people. — Ryan Iwamoto, Owner and Cofounder, 24 Hour Home Care

In other words, Sales Navigator helps 24 Hour Home Care live its “care and complete” mantra to the fullest. 

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