Demonstrate Your Leadership by Sharing Business Insights

August 5, 2014


The top sales professionals don’t stop sharing insights once they’ve secured a connection or found the right prospect. Depending on your product or service, a prospect may not be ready to buy what you’re selling for months or even years after you’ve connected. That’s why it’s critical that you continue to engage the members of your network on a regular basis.

Traditionally, sales professionals would call prospects every few months to “just check in.” But in a world where anyone can find whatever they want with a few mouse clicks, this method has become ineffective. According to a LinkedIn study, sales reps only reach out to buyers 1.8 times per week. In addition, CXOs report they receive 1.6x more cold outreach vs vs VPs and Directors. Sales reps who don’t educate, enlighten and inform, now blend into the crowd.

“Change management research has shown us that people must SEE and FEEL the need to change because the part of the brain that makes the decision to change does not contain the capacity for language or rational thought,” says Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Corporate Visions. “Thus, engaging with insights requires new messages, tools and skills to execute these visual, emotional conversations. You can’t do it with the same old PowerPoint presentations.”

Every sales rep has valuable experience to share. With LinkedIn’s publishing platform, you have the ability to publish content, build your professional brand and reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled. When you publish a post on LinkedIn, your original content becomes part of your professional profile and is shared with members even outside of your network allowing you to build a group of followers. Members can continue to share their expertise by posting relevant articles, blog posts, videos and presentations from Slideshare. Social sales reps should take advantage of this to consistently deliver knowledge that will enhance the lives and careers of the various people in your network.


“A significant buyer behavior trend is buyers today have become very active learners and knowledge seekers,” says Tony Zambito, Author of the Buyer Persona blog. “Attempt to understand challenges and problems from many angles. It is important for social sellers to be in tune with helping connections learn.”

“Try not turn off connections with sales pitches disguised as insights and truly offer insights that enable earning and knowledge building.”

By being the person that prospects think of first when it comes to gaining the latest and greatest information about their field, buyers no longer perceive you as a pushy salesperson. Instead, they will come to view you as a trusted problem solver. And, people buy from trusted problem solvers.