Build a High-Quality Pipeline with the Sales Prospecting Toolkit

Learn how to identify key players on target accounts, secure introductions, and apply multi-threading strategies to build a healthy sales pipeline.

May 3, 2016

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Any salesperson worth his or her salt knows that finding the right decision makers is half the battle—you don’t want to waste your time selling to someone who doesn’t have the authority to say yes. And yet, identifying these key players can also be time-consuming and tedious.

What if there was an easier and more efficient way?

The Sales Prospecting Toolkit has everything you need to more effectively identify the key people on a target account and build a high-quality pipeline.

Along with learning how to secure introductions and connect with new contacts, you’ll also be exposed to the new strategy of multi-threading—fostering multiple connections within the same organization.

While there will always be a place for strong one-to-one relationships, relying on a single connection can backfire: the contact could change positions, leave the company, or have less sway on the next project. Building connections within major accounts across multiple lines of business will boost your ability to sell and succeed.

What’s inside the Sales Prospecting Toolkit?

  • Article: How to Break Free of the One-Relationship Habit
  • eBook: How to Sell Into Multiple Lines of Business
  • Tip Sheet: How to Build a High-Quality Network on LinkedIn
  • Tip Sheet: Securing Introductions with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With this kit, you’ll learn:

·      How multi-threaded selling can improve your long-term sales performance

·      How to identify multiple influencers within a single account

·      How to personalize connection requests for better results

·      How to make it easy for contacts to introduce you to new decision makers

Gain a competitive edge and download the free Sales Prospecting Toolkit today!