Capitalize on Social: Proven Sales Strategies for Financial Services

Gain a competitive advantage by embracing social selling best practices tailored to the financial services industry.

May 11, 2016

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More than most people, financial service providers understand the importance of new technology, efficiency, and return-on-investment (ROI). While they live and breathe these realities every day on the job, they can often be slow to adopt new tools into their sales and marketing practices. 

Perhaps that’s because if you’re like most financial professionals, you don’t see yourself as a salesperson. But whether you’re an investment advisor, wealth manager, accountant, or an insurance broker, your job inherently involves sales—from finding promising new prospects, to growing your accounts with existing clients.

Social media offers financial professionals a largely untapped resource to achieve these business goals. By capitalizing on proven social selling strategies and moving beyond cold calls, you can grow your book of business much efficiently and see a greater ROI on your time.

What’s the best way for financial providers like you to use social media? How can you find and win new prospects—and keep track of current clients? That’s where our new tipsheet comes in: Proven Sales Strategies for Financial Services. You’ll discover the smartest and most effective ways to approach social media.

Download Proven Sales Strategies for Financial Services to learn how to:

·      Build relationships with key prospects

·      Leverage existing relationships to grow your business

·      Replace ineffective cold calling practices with meaningful social outreach

·      Stay up to date on clients, prospects, and industry trends

In finance, few things stay the same for decades—prospecting and growing is no different. The days of cold calls are over. Adopting the latest social selling practices can help you capitalize on relationships, keep your business booming, and obtain a clear edge over the competition.

Step into the future with social selling. Download Proven Sales Strategies for Financial Services to get started.