Solving Sales And Marketing Alignment

Why It’s Broken And How To Fix It For Campaign Success

August 2, 2016

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The lack of alignment between sales and marketing is an age-old problem that is often addressed, yet rarely solved. Years ago, businesses didn’t need to worry about the lack of alignment because customers gathered in the same places, making it easy to keep sales and marketing messages unified. But these methods no longer work in today’s multi-channel, buyer-centric world. The shift in the buying process only underscores the need for alignment between these two departments.

Between poorly targeted marketing messages, sales representatives that fail to understand the potential customer, and the disconnect between sales and marketing, companies are at a competitive disadvantage that can send them straight to the bottom. According to Nielsen, 41% of online ads reach the wrong audience. SiriusDecisions found that 70% of content goes unread. In the worst news for the sales force, 72% of cold calls result in outright rejections. And the success rate of cold calls to appointments is 0.3%, according to a Baylor University study.

Why are sales and marketing still siloed? Companies know that sales and marketing need to be aligned, but they either don’t know how to start or where the discrepancies lie — is it communication? How leads are defined? Or do they just have misconceptions about each other that need to be addressed? As companies grow, it becomes harder to identify and track inconsistent messages, making them harder to fix. How do you create a partnership between sales and marketing to move from generic communications to a customized, tailored approach?

According to a recent study by InsideView and Demand Gen Report, 49% of respondents cited that a communication breakdown is by far the greatest culprit. Broken and flawed processes (43%), as well as sales and marketing being measured by different metrics (40%), rounded out the reasons for the gap between sales and marketing. Understanding the hurdles can help B2B organizations overcome their challenges.

To address this vexing problem, we created this guide to help you recognize the causes of sales and marketing misalignment, and to formalize your processes around measurement, messaging, and everything in between. In addition, you’ll learn best-practices from top companies and leaders who’ve put this into practice.

For B2B companies, bridging the gaps between sales and marketing is quickly becoming a must-have component to shorten the sales cycle. Download “Solving Sales and Marketing Alignment” for the information you need unify your sales and marketing teams to drive bottom-line results.