The Post Cold Call Era: Combine Inside Sales Tools & Social Selling

Learn how to build stronger relationships and close more sales by integrating social selling into your traditional sales approach.

October 11, 2016

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Cold calling has lost its edge. With fewer decision-makers willing to answer an unknown number, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the right people on the phone. As a result, the success rate for unsolicited calls is plummeting.

Social selling, on the other hand, is growing exponentially. As results show how the approach can effectively connect sales professionals with prospects and boosts pipeline, businesses are rapidly adopting social selling strategies.

But both strategies have their merits. Maximum impact comes from combining the strengths of the two. With social selling, sales professionals get unprecedented access to key contacts and valuable insights. But after making the initial connection online, cementing that relationship calls for a human touch, often made offline by picking up the phone.

The best sales professionals use both approaches—and LinkedIn’s new eBook, The Post Cold Call Era: Combining Inside Sales Tools with Social Selling, will show you how.

Download The Post Cold Call Era for interviews and insights revealing how to:

·      Combine inside sales tools with social selling, and why it’s important

·      Maximize ROI by combining your best practices from both strategies  

·      Get buy-in for social selling in your company 

·      Troubleshoot and overcome potential challenges when implementing a social selling program

When you leverage the all the best sales tools available, you considerably boost your chances of closing the deal.

To get maximum impact from your selling strategies, increase your pipeline, and boost your ROI, combine social selling with traditional tactics. Connect with and close more of your prospects through a hybrid strategy, fusing inside sales and social selling techniques.

Download The Post Cold Call Era: Combining Inside Sales Tools with Social Selling to strengthen your team’s sales approach today.