eBook: How to Scale Social Selling at a Global Business

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December 13, 2016

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Sales leaders operate in a business that has seen profound change. Not only does much of a buyer’s journey now take place independently, but today’s buyer also expects a salesperson to offer a lot more value. Leaders of large organizations must also deal with the challenge of customers and sales reps who are spread out across the globe.

Social selling offers a solution to these new challenges, since it allows reps to cultivate relationships at every point along the sales process and enables leaders to track their team’s progress. But that doesn’t mean getting your entire team on board is easy.

Luckily, many sales leaders have already made this journey—you can learn from their experience and success. In industries as diverse as telecom, IT and law, leaders have developed a culture of social selling and scaled it up over years.

To uncover how leaders oversaw their team’s transformation, LinkedIn has produced a new eBook: Scaling Social: Going Beyond Tech in North America. It features interviews with Anthony Robbins (VP of Global Defense for AT&T), Jill Billhorn (VP of Sales at CDW) and Bryan Caplin (Senior VP at Axiom Law).

Download the eBook now to learn how to:

·   Ensure that you’re meeting your customers where they are

·   Lead with the most essential social selling tools

·   Implement your social selling strategy across your organization

As a leader, you’re tasked with getting the most out of your team. That can be difficult—but you don’t have to start from scratch. Take advantage of insights from those who have already blazed the path, so you can scale up a social selling strategy that’s ideal for you.

Download the free eBook today to learn how law, telecom, and IT leaders scaled their social selling strategy.