Introducing Future of Sales: Rise of the Strategic Seller [eBook]

An exclusive inside look at LinkedIn professional data uncovers distinct undercurrents that point to a more strategic future. Here’s how your team can prepare.

December 6, 2017

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Understandably, the future of sales is a topic that can cause unrest and unease among today’s sellers.

New tools are constantly changing the way we transact online. Certain projections tell us automation will end up eliminating millions of human jobs. And with all the talk of marketing integration, it often feels like our territory is being infringed upon.

We wanted to cut through all the familiar talking points and get a clearer look at where the sales profession currently stands and where it is heading. So we dug deep into LinkedIn data, uncovering distinct trends and insights. You’ll find them aggregated and analyzed in our new eBook, The Future of Sales: Rise of the Strategic Seller

Our conclusion? Sales isn’t dying, but it definitely is evolving.

Rise of the Strategic Seller

As we looked at recruiting and hiring trends, we noticed some unmistakable patterns. While many traditional selling skills are at risk of obsolescence, a new profile is emerging, capable of meeting buyer expectations in this age of customized outreach and tailored experiences.

The strategic seller will remain indispensable even while tactics and technologies transform around him or her. Which specific attributes should sales teams be developing and nurturing to align with this prototype? You’ll find practical pointers, and examples of a successful strategic selling approach in action.

We’ll also outline three cornerstones that will help shape this evolution going forward.

Three Trends That Will Fuel the Future of Sales

Within the Future of Sales eBook, you’ll find in-depth explorations of three frontiers that forward-looking sales leaders must embrace. As we see it, tomorrow’s most effective organizations will structure their strategies around this trio of operational essentials:

  1. Convergence of Sales and Marketing: Foster a collaborative culture and deliver a consistent customer experience throughout the funnel.
  2. Using Technology to Augment Human Effort: Automate administrative tasks while adopting tools that can improve efficiency as well as prospecting precision.
  3. Personalization at Scale: Create a sustainable blueprint for delivering personalized, insight-driven service to each prospect you engage.

We unpack each of these directives, thoroughly examining the “why” and “how,” while serving up plenty of stats and takeaways in The Future of Sales: Rise of the Strategic Seller. Download it now and ensure your sales team is ready to adapt and excel in the new B2B selling landscape.