Here is Your 2018 Guide to Maximizing Sales Success on LinkedIn

April 10, 2018

sales navigator ebook sitting on a table

Half a billion. That’s a big number. For sales professionals seeking to network and build relationships on LinkedIn, staring into a sea of more than 500 million members can feel overwhelming.

It is a whole lot easier when you know where to look. Successful social sellers around the world are using Sales Navigator as a compass, directing them to key decision-makers and specific insights that help forge meaningful connections. With our newly refreshed guide, How to Maximize LinkedIn’s Value with Sales Navigator, you can ensure you are getting the most out of this critical sales enablement tool.

At a time where relevant, contextual buying experiences are essential for B2B selling success, the professional data available through LinkedIn holds immense value. Understanding how to efficiently pinpoint the most pertinent information, and engage right prospects with the right message at the right time, separates high-performing teams from the pack.

We’ve compiled input from LinkedIn experts and power users to form the backbone of this handy resource. Within its pages, you will learn how to:

Target Your Ideal Buyers

  • Narrow your scope with features like Advanced Lead and Company Search
  • Quickly surface commonalities for warm introductions and personalized outreach
  • Uncover Lead Recommendations and receive notifications via desktop, mobile, and email
  • Sync Sales Navigator with your current CRM to take full advantage of your existing data

Understand What Buyers Value

  • Receive real-time sales updates so you can jump on opportunities instantly
  • Keep detailed records of interactions to keep your pipeline organized and actionable
  • Capitalize on inbound interest by identifying prospects who’ve viewed your profile

Engage Buyers the Right Way

  • Improve success with InMail outreach
  • Deliver personalized sales content through the PointDrive tool
  • Use TeamLink to leverage the collective networks of your team

No need to feel overwhelmed. Our new guide will show you exactly how to navigate the crowd and find your way to individuals and companies whose needs align with your solution.

Download How to Maximize LinkedIn’s Value with Sales Navigator and equip your team for social selling mastery.