Gain Industry Insights Using LinkedIn: What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead

July 29, 2014


Every week over 200M+ LinkedIn members from 200 countries share updates on their LinkedIn profile. From keeping tabs on the competition to staying on top of key experts in your industry, LinkedIn has become an essential business intelligence platform.

Here are three ways you can use LinkedIn to gain industry insights:

1. Stay on Top of Industry News

Staying on top of industry trends and news is key to building upon your expertise and expanding the respect and trust your connections have for you. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to track industry news, extract customer insights and understand the shifting competitive landscape.

  • See what your network is up to at a glance: Follow companies and join groups to get the latest posts, news and announcements. Engage by leaving a comment on an update or a discussion thread.
  • Leverage LinkedIn Pulse: Customize your content experience based on your interests and the companies and influencers you follow.

2. Hire the Best Talent WorldWide

Personal connections and referrals are key success factors when it comes to hiring the best. LinkedIn is empowering executives to better find and attract the top talent.

  • Find experts everywhere: Through LinkedIn’s Advanced Search you can find people with specific expertise from anywhere in the world at no cost.
  • Leverage your network to find top talent: Just like in real-life, your network is your best asset to find the right talents. You can speed through the recruiting process by re-posting job opportunities that your HR team shared.

3. Keep Tabs on the Competition and Potential Acquisitions

It’s important to have an eye on both incumbents and upstarts in your industry. LinkedIn is often the first place that your competition and potential acquisitions appear on your radar. You can use LinkedIn to track your competition’s latest updates:

  • Follow your competitors’ activity: Go to Company Pages to view the latest updates and announcements and current employees.
  • Find the up-and-comers of competitors: The next generation of your industry are making the most of their social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn, to connect with their network. Join relevant Groups to find and keep tabs of these up-and-comers in your industry.
  • Leverage help from your network: When researching about your competitors, you may have first and second-degree connections via Linkedin. Use your connections to find out more information about your competitors.

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