Get the Fundamentals of Social Selling with LinkedIn

February 24, 2016


We get asked this question a lot: “I’m interested in using LinkedIn in my work as a sales professional, but don’t know where to start. What can I do?” You’re in good company. And we’re kicking off a monthly webinar just for you. Here’s a quick teaser for the four fundamental pillars of social selling with LinkedIn:

Build a Professional Brand

Little has changed since the door to door salesman when it comes to first impressions helping the sell - this is no different when it comes to your online persona. Does your LinkedIn profile read like a reliable, trustworthy sales partner to a new potential buyer? Would you want to talk to you based on your profile picture and professional presence? Answer those questions first and you’ll be off to a great start.

Find the Right People

Did you know that there’s an average of 5.4 buyers involved in a B2B decision? If you are trying to spend your time on the highest potential prospects, make sure you also look around for the whole buying panel. How will you find them? Segment and filter for the best possible contacts in targeted accounts.

Sell Through Relationships

Sales is always looking an “in” to an account - how are you finding those inroads? LinkedIn’s 400M+ members make it the world’s largest professional network in the world, and all those relationships are mapped by shared connections. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this when you look into target accounts and contacts.

Engage with Insights

Your prospects are sharing a lot about themselves on social networks, and LinkedIn members are no exception. Don’t miss opportunities to reach out and connect with people based on social cues like job changes or promotions. As you continue to develop your relationships with your customers, social insights and social networks are an invaluable way to stay engaged.

See how these tips come together into a social selling formula by joining our webinar March 1st. For more tips on how to start adopting social selling behaviors today, register for Social Selling 101.

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