Guardian’s 5 Steps to Sales Navigator Adoption

January 22, 2015


As growing numbers of financial services clients are heading online for finance and money management educational tools, insurance and financial provider The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America wanted to get ahead of the social business curve. Over the course of a 12-week pilot for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, the business took the following five steps to achieve social success in a regulated environment.

  • Quick Response to Buying Shifts

Guardian was able to anticipate an upcoming shift in the way consumers engage with insurance firms and advisors and wanted to seize the opportunity to help its financial professionals adapt their approach to the market. With a relatively small roster of agents compared to many other firms, coupled with a highly entrepreneurial culture, Guardian encouraged its agents to explore this new approach to marketing in their own individual way.

  • Choose Market-Leading Partners

Guardian partnered with two market-leading partners – Socialware and LinkedIn – to help usher them further into the world of social selling while keeping the balance between access controls and agent enablement. Using Socialware, a top security and compliance platform, the company was able to delve into its new social media approach with the assurance that the software would flag and prevent any compliance breaches. Once that platform was in place, Guardian recognized LinkedIn as the best social platform for its agents.

  • Support Through Training and Tools

Working directly with both Socialware and LinkedIn, Guardian was able to provide training to its agents to speed up adoption and enable its financial professionals to get with their new social media approach up and running quickly.

  • Set Goals

Guardian’s business goals throughout the pilot were:

  1. Expand the value proposition for potential agent candidates hoping to create their own financial services practice.
  2. Allow agents and advisors the opportunity to create distinct professional brands for themselves while speeding up the prospecting process.
  3. Emphasize Guardian agents and advisors’ expertise and one-of-a-kind approach to holistic financial planning.
  • Deploy Strategically and Trumpet Success

Guardian took advantage of the Sales Navigator training curriculum and support to ensure that their financial professionals established the right social media protocols. Those new practices allowed the company’s salespeople to scour their own networks and test out the strategic value of using advanced filters, connecting through warm introductions and measuring sharing metrics in order to enhance future messaging.

“LinkedIn has shown us a whole new way to drive quality prospecting activity, leading to quality sales opportunities,” said Beth Wood, Guardian’s 2nd VP of Marketing.

With Sales Navigator experience under their belts, Guardian leaders were ready to highlight the company’s success stories. In one case, Forbes featured a Guardian sales professional with just two years in the business who successfully leveraged his LinkedIn network to widen his reach, connect with high net worth prospects and identify more than 30 qualified prospects in just six months. That salesman is now poised to work with more senior advisors and train them to apply the same social media principles to their own high net worth client networks.

For more tips on social media adoption for sales success in the financial industry, download our eBook ‘Financial Services and Social Media Success’.