How Sales Navigator Allows Sales Pros to Reach "Unreachable" Prospects

Reach “unreachable” prospects by cutting prospecting time, acting on trigger events, and gaining deeper insights with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

August 20, 2015


If you were asked to name a high-value prospect who is "unreachable," chances are you could rattle off ten names. It seems like you’ve tried everything: morning emails, afternoon emails, voicemail, social media. But there’s no response, and you wonder if your prospect is even reading or listening to your messages. You think about moving on, but your prospect represents too much potential.

The good news is there's still hope. Here are a few ways Sales Navigator’s social selling tools can allow you to reach previously unreachable prospects:

Save Your Leads and Accounts

The first step to putting Sales Navigator to work is using its core functionality: get those leads and accounts saved. Sales Navigator uses your saved leads and accounts to recommend additional avenues for reaching your prized prospects. The more leads and accounts you save, the better quality recommendations you will get.

Once you save enough leads, Sales Navigator works in the background to find new contacts and potential leads for you. But you also have all those saved leads in your Sales Navigator feed, so you have access to exactly what is on your prospects’ minds in real time.

When you send an email or leave a voicemail, you’re hoping your prospect a) has the time to read the message, b) has a need, and c) is in a problem-solving state of mind.

Your Sales Navigator feed takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. When prospect updates appear in your Sales Navigator feed, it’s like your prospect is saying, “Here’s what I’m thinking about right now.” Your prospect’s trigger event may not happen until two months from now, but when it does, you’ll be right on top of it.

Spend Time Researching Instead of Fishing

You Sales Navigator feed will help you respond quickly to a trigger event, but it’s important to make sure you can engage with insights when the trigger event happens. There’s no substitute for social listening and good old-fashioned research for effective social selling.

Of course, sales professionals are busy people, and you’re likely no exception. It may seem daunting to carve hours out of your day to do the research. With practice, though, you will find that Sales Navigator enables you to streamline prospecting to get more done in less time. You can save your most productive searches and get alerts when new prospects meet your criteria. Sales Navigator also serves up network connection notifications. For example, when someone in your network connects with a saved lead, you can immediately recognize the potential for a warm-path introduction.

Let Sales Navigator automate some of the numbers game, and you will have more time to research and engage strategically with your most promising prospects.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Social selling is a long game that, when done well, can deliver spectacular results. Sales Navigator can help you find the right prospects to engage, and the insights to engage them early in their decision-making journey. Once you have made that initial contact—whether it’s sharing their content, commenting on something they’ve posted, or recommending a valuable article they can read—use your Sales Navigator feed to stay in touch with relevant engagement.

When you regularly deliver relevant insights to your prospects, you establish yourself as a valuable, knowledgeable resource. When your prospect is ready to buy, your name is more likely to be the first one that comes to mind.

Use Sales Navigator’s tools to provide value and your “unreachable” prospects may start reaching out to you.

For more tips on getting the most out of Sales Navigator’s powerful social selling tools, download the Insider’s Guide to Sales Navigator.