How to Create Strong Relationship Webs Using Sales Navigator

February 4, 2015


LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator puts sales professionals in an ideal position to apply multi-threading to accounts and weave strong relationship webs that intersect myriad social and professional ties.  As we discussed in our recent blog post ‘How to Break Free of the One-Relationship Habit,’ multi-threading is a sales approach in which sales reps make contact with multiple influencers within an organization and manage multiple relationships to ensure that a deal progresses.

Lead Recommendations

Savvy salespeople are taking advantage of Lead Builder, Sales Navigator’s built-in prospect identification tool.  Lead Builder takes current account profiles, information from the Web and other criteria chosen by you to deliver the most active, relevant leads. Additionally, Sales Navigator’s Lead Recommendations can reveal the key decision-makers and influencers within your target accounts.

As Dan Ross, Director of Sales Operations for A/B testing technology provider Optimizely, notes, “You want to learn not just who is the person above your contact, but also who is left, right and below them.”

“The goal is to identify power base, and power is not a person, it is a state of being,” Ross said.

Leverage Your Team’s Network

Sales Navigator’s TeamLink feature shows how members of your team can put you in touch with a lead or account through their network of connections. TeamLink pulls together connections from each member of your team and allows you to view which leads or potential accounts you may be connected to through your colleagues.

Connect to Your CRM

Sales Navigator is compatible with several of the most widely-used CRMs, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Pairing Sales Navigator with a CRM allows sales professionals to quickly and easily integrate it into their existing account tracking processes. The integration between LinkedIn and CRMs is a huge time-saver for sales reps seeking the most efficient way to track account activity.

Salesforce users, for example, are able to view LinkedIn information, insights and features such as LinkedIn messages and InMail all within the CRM. That integration allows sales pros to build relationships using pre-existing CRM contacts while leveraging LinkedIn’s network and features.

Scour the Social Networks

LinkedIn’s social selling tools allow you to quickly and easily find the influencers connected to your contacts within a target organization, facilitating a multi-threading approach. Seeing your contacts’ connections can give you a better idea of an organization’s structure and give you access to more influencers within the company.

Setting teams up for sales success starts with the right equipment. With Sales Navigator, salespeople are uniquely equipped to leverage a host of social and professional connections to apply a multi-threading approach to sales. Sales Navigator’s collection of features, combined with CRM compatibility, makes it the ideal tool to identify multiple leads, influencers and decision-makers within a target company and create strong relationship webs.

Discover how to build durable, interwoven relationships with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator by downloading our eBook, ‘Strategies for Selling to Multiple Lines of Business.’