How to Move Your Team to Social Selling Webinar

Learn about social selling tools that can help your organization adopt a team approach in How to Move Your Team to Social Selling, a LinkedIn webinar.

November 25, 2014


Using social selling tools, more sales pros are identifying the right prospects and are using their networks to engage them in meaningful conversations that produce sales. Naturally, sales managers are all for scaling adoption of the selling activities that are responsible for results.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions’ upcoming webinar, “How LinkedIn and Other Leading Companies Drive a Relationship-Focused Sales Culture,” will help sales organizations adopt a whole-team approach to social selling, and will include tactical advice for leveraging the collective connections and talents of your sales organization to increase performance. Specifically, you will learn how three organizations are working to fully capitalize on their networks:

How the LinkedIn Sales Solutions Team Embraces Sales Navigator

“As a sales organization that sells a social selling product to sales organizations, it is not lost on us that we must fully embrace our solution.” says LinkedIn VP of Sales Mike Derezin.

Sales Navigator is integrated into every aspect of the LinkedIn team’s workday, its tools serving as means to improve and evaluate performance. One important way the Sales Solutions team has created opportunity is through TeamLink, a tool which reveals organizational relationships reps can leverage to gain warm introductions. And with buyers five times more likely to engage if a first connection is warm, the ability to quickly find warm paths to prospects has proven especially beneficial.

 How Softchoice “Flattened” Its Organization with Social Selling Approaches

At Softchoice, buy-in at the executive level has changed perspectives on how all personnel feel about leveraging one another’s relationships. Use of Sales Navigator from the top down – even the company’s CEO has a license – has resulted in a stronger social selling culture.

In companies like Softchoice, executive leadership embracing network sharing has helped to “flatten” the organization so that all sales professional are dedicated to organizational goals, not just personal quotas. Softchoice’s social selling adoption practices are an excellent reminder that change needs to start at the top.

Leveraging Sales Navigator to Increase Pipeline and Revenue at Comunycarse

Spanish IT solutions provider Comunycarse set out to increase conversions and create business in new areas; work they began without the benefit of a lot of existing contacts. With the help of Sales Navigator, the organization was able to:

  • Equip the team with appropriate profiles
  • Align sales and marketing efforts
  • Incentivize networks, not just leads
  • Create prospect engagement through connections
  • Use profile data to create more meaningful incentives
  • Activate the creativity of sales and marketing professionals

Most importantly, these efforts led to results. Comunycarse achieved a 20% rise in conversions and establish the relationships needed to allow for expansion.

For more social selling adoption solutions from successful companies that you can implement, sign up for our “How to Move Your Team to Social Selling” webinar.