How to Gain a Sixth Sense of Selling

Discover how LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides users with a sixth sense of sales that allows them to focus their efforts and build relationships like never before.

August 18, 2014


I see deals, people. They’re all around us.

Selling is about identifying opportunities and capitalizing on them. These opportunities surround us, but for too many sales people deals remain hidden or stuck in the pipeline due to lack of prospect engagement.

Each day, sales pros must answer a barrage of questions, including:

  •   Which people and companies should I focus on today?
  •   How can I gain the attention of my most important prospects?
  •   What’s happening at my target accounts that I can capitalize on?
  •   How can I continue to build trust with my important prospects?

Answering these questions can be tricky, especially without the right insights to guide your decision making.

If you struggle with these same questions, there’s good news. Now you can gain insights that allow you to attack each day with conviction. It’s like adding a sixth sense of selling, an additional layer that allows you to easily access relevant information when you need it most, or better yet, delivers the information directly to you. This added insight lets you channel your focus and skills where they’re most likely to achieve the desired results.

I’m referring to the new LinkedIn Sales Navigator, of course. Here are three specific ways Sales Navigator provides users with a sixth sense of selling.

The omnipresent sales pro

Imagine hiring a new assistant whose job entails scouring the LinkedIn platform and the Internet all day to find and deliver timely, relevant information regarding your leads and accounts. Well, Sales Navigator is that assistant.

Multiple studies have shown the importance timeliness plays in achieving sales success. In selling, information is power, especially timely information.

Sales Navigator is like having extra sets of eyes and ears that can pick up on relevant information, whenever and wherever it’s being divulged. Sales pros can then use this information to engage prospects, establish relationships, and build trust.

This, is what I will focus on today

It’s common for sales pros to feel like they’re just spinning their wheels. And when you’re not entirely sure what to focus on, selling becomes all about volume and hope.

If I perform enough selling activities, hopefully I’ll hit my number.

Sure, this approach can work, but it’s hardly reliable. The better way is to focus on the leads and accounts that offer bigger rewards.

With Sales Navigator, you can save all your important leads and accounts so that you have instant access to information that allows you to engage prospects by leading with insights.

In fact, you get a Daily Sales Updates email delivered to you. With this information handy, prioritizing your schedule to focus on the most important prospects and accounts today becomes much, much easier. Now multiply that sharpened focus over the course of a year.

I see prospects others aren’t aware of

Now you can reach more sales prospects outside of your network. Sales Navigator provides extended network visibility that allows you to see the full names, profiles, and activities of your third degree connections. And with TeamLink, you can quickly identify the warmest path to each prospect using your company’s collective connections.

Plus, Sales Navigator will actually deliver lead recommendations  while you view individual profiles and account pages. Easily save these lead recommendations to receive updates that can help you lead with insights when engaging new prospects.

Want to find even more prospects? Use the enhanced Premium Search with Lead Builder to identify relevant leads.  Then, save your search to receive automatic alerts when new leads meet your existing criteria. It’s like having your own dream lead delivery service.

Are you starting to see all the deals that surround you? If you have questions about subscribing to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, contact us today. We’re happy to help!