How to Generate Social Selling Awareness

December 22, 2015


Social selling sounds great—but what's it like to organize your team, inspire performance, set goals, and measure success in a “relationships-first” sales culture? This series of blog posts will explore best practices and pitfalls to avoid as well as advice for success in today’s hyper-connected sales environment. In this first post, we focus on generating awareness for social selling.

Establish the value of social selling

Social selling program managers play a vital role in helping sales professionals recognize the importance of adapting to today’s B2B buying realities. As buyers self-educate during their buying journey, sales reps must find ways to inject themselves into the flow. Social selling makes it possible to do just that, helping reps establish a presence and connect with prospective buyers on social networks during the critical information-gathering stage.

Pave the way for adoption

While many organizations have realized the promise of social selling firsthand, organizations facing resistance to selling via social media should start by driving awareness of its value and the potential impacts to the business. Without a doubt, social selling requires a change in how sales reps go about their daily work. As you challenge the status quo, it’s critical to secure executive sponsorship and formally drive awareness. A proven approach is to launch awareness campaigns and related initiatives.

Sponsorship is key

At the same time, it’s imperative to establish executive sponsorship. This involves identifying key stakeholders such as sales managers so you can educate them on the benefits of social selling, which they can then share with their sales teams. Call upon these sponsors to assist with program awareness by signing their names to communications and helping spread the word in other ways.

By committing to ongoing communication, building executive sponsorship, and enforcing accountability with managers and reps, your social selling program will start to take hold.

Tune in soon for our next post in this series, in which we’ll share best practices for training your sales team on social selling. Meantime download our eBook, Crossing the Chasm: How to Capitalize on the Social Selling Trend for more guidance on how to strategically adopt social selling.