How to Inspire and Lead a Social Selling Culture

November 10, 2014


Editor’s note: This month we’ll be sharing strategies that help sales teams drive organizational change in a social world, which is also the focus of our eBook, How to Move Your Team to Social Selling.

Social media has emerged as a driving force in B2B commerce. The possibilities social selling has created for sales professionals are vast however many organizations have yet to take full advantage of these opportunities.

While traditional sales approaches are changing in the digital age, selling at its core remains a relationship business. What has changed is how relationships with prospects, leads, and clients are initiated and managed.

Today, familiarity and trust are a critical component of building strong buyer-seller relationships. In IDC’s Social Buying Study, 76.2% of buyers stated a preference for working with vendors recommended by someone they know.

It’s important for your organization that everyone is onboard with your social selling practices because without a relationship-based sales culture, effort is wasted and opportunities are lost.

Helping those in your organization see the benefits of fostering business relationships online, along with rewarding the activities that are responsible for results, are critical steps in scaling your social selling program. In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • The four best practices for social selling adoption helpful toward scaling your efforts
  • A six-step process for leveraging Sales Navigator to increase pipeline and revenue
  • A list of the most critical metrics to evaluate in successful social selling programs
  • Case studies that reveal what’s worked for other organizations of different sizes

Download our eBook How to Move Your Team to Social Selling today to get practical information and clear steps for helping people in your organization leverage social networks to increase B2B sales.