How to Train Your Sales Team for Social Selling Success

December 26, 2015


Welcome to the second post in our series on social selling best practices and pitfalls to avoid when pursuing success in today’s hyper-connected sales environment. In our first post, we focused on generating awareness for social selling. In this post, we explain how to train your sales team to successfully sell via social media.

Establish a foundation for education

Your sales team needs to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed when it comes to selling via social media. That’s why education is an important building block as you develop a social selling program. Through consistent education, you can help instill a social selling culture into your sales professionals’ daily routine. More specifically, by arming them with training and tools, such as Sales Navigator, you can enable your sales team members to make social selling part of their daily workflow.

Tap into the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Learning Center

To that end, many organizations take advantage of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Learning Center, featuring a library of training materials, tip sheets, videos and webinars all designed to educate about social selling. Through these courses and materials, sales reps are encouraged to complete their LinkedIn profiles, use Advanced Search to find quality leads, share buyer-centric content and build lasting relationships with contacts.

Organizations that take this approach end up with a sales team trained on both the value of social selling and the features of Sales Navigator. For example, sales reps learn how to focus on the right prospects and gain insights via LinkedIn. They also learn how to save leads and accounts – and why it’s important to do so – along with how to create a LinkedIn profile designed to generate inbound leads.

Here’s a sample LinkedIn Sales Navigator social selling learning path to give a sense of how to develop an education plan for each member of your sales team.

Status Activity/To-Do
Month 1: Introduction to Social Selling and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  Attend Sales Navigator Admin workshop via the Learning Center (program managers and admins)
Assign Sales Navigator accounts to your sales team using the Sales Navigator admin console
Ask your sales team to complete the 60-second set-up process
Schedule your team to attend a live introduction to Sales Navigator training or access a recorded version from the Learning Center
Require your team to begin gaining insights by saving Accounts and Leads
Month 2: Transform LinkedIn Profiles
Distribute these tip sheets from the Learning Center: Build Your Sales Profile, How to Build a High-Quality Network on LinkedIn, Use Endorsements to Your Advantage
Encourage your sales team to attend the “Transform Your Profile” session from the Learning Center
Thoroughly review your sales team’s LinkedIn profiles and provide feedback where necessary
Month 3: Advanced Prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Ask your team to attend a live Advanced Sales Navigator training or access a recorded session from the Learning Center
Encourage your team to use TeamLink and profile information to personalize InMails
Month 4: Thought Leadership
Distribute a bi-weekly newsletter highlighting sellers that have achieved success with social selling
Encourage your team to share approved marketing content to their networks over LinkedIn

Tune in soon for our next post in this series, in which we’ll outline how to reinforce social selling adoption and engagement. Meantime download our eBook, Crossing the Chasm: How to Capitalize on the Social Selling Trend for more guidance on how to strategically adopt social selling.