How to Use LinkedIn to Demonstrate Your Thought Leadership

July 10, 2014


Everyone has the opportunity to become a thought leader, no matter what your role is. Your participation in social media and in general, and in LinkedIn in particular, will be welcomed by your customers and employees. As a leader, you’re demonstrating your interest in being connected, staying current and making your mark where the newcomers to your industry will be.

Here are three winning strategies to demonstrate your thought leadership:

1. Share the Good News

Using LinkedIn, you have an opportunity to bring a sense of proximity and connection to your company’s professional brand at a low cost and with low time commitment. Show that your company is innovative by sharing good news on LinkedIn about your company, and invite other co-workers to follow your lead. In fact, employees at socially engaged companies are 24% more likely to feel innovative.

2. Offer an Authentic Human Face

In the era of social media, we’re more and more curious about the people behind a brand or company. Demonstrate your leadership by offering an authentic, human face to your company. You can do that by:

Making your profile personal: Your profile is more than just a resume, but represents your personal and professional brand. Write your profile in first person and share personal insights with your network.

Share your Company’s page updates: Increase the visibility of your company’s LinkedIn Showcase page by sharing social updates with your network.

Leverage LinkedIn as a communication platform: Leverage your LinkedIn presence for official announcements, promotions and crisis management.

3. Share Relevant Content

With over 1.5 million unique publishers actively sharing content on LinkedIn, members connect daily to check out their news feeds and read posts from leaders and companies they follow. Be a voice of your industry and build thought leadership by:

Posting and sharing updates: Share blog posts, personal insights and relevant industry news to demonstrate your thought leadership.

Publish content: Leverage LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform to share long-form posts with your network and beyond. Your posts are distributed through Pulse, and permanently live as an extension of your professional brand.

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