How to Use Social Media to Keep Clients and Shut Out the Competition

A big part of social selling success comes from nurturing relationships after the sale. Follow these tips to ensure your hard work continues to be rewarded.

December 23, 2015


A great deal of social selling training focuses on more efficient prospecting, developing relationships, and getting to the sale. There is less said about an equally important part of the sales cycle, though: How to manage relationships after the initial sale.

When it comes to keeping the strong ties you have created throughout the sales process, there are two important concepts to keep in mind:

New Value:

Your clients are going to face new challenges. They could also be approached by competitors regarding new opportunities. Monitor with your client’s company online, stay in touch with existing connections (adding value where applicable), and keep an eye out for new stakeholders to connect with.

Through bonding with your client in this fashion, the process of identifying needs will be easier and more organic. By helping them conquer new challenges and capitalize on new opportunities, you can greatly reduce the risk of competitors gaining traction with your key accounts. Consider doing this quarterly at a minimum.

Relationship Nurturing:

As sales strategist Anthony Iannarino states, “all things being equal, relationships win.” This is particularly true in social selling, where online interactions can feel less tangible than offline interactions. This means your online relationships may require more nourishment in order to be retained.

Continuously providing new value to your existing clients – in other words, by treating them as prospects rather than clients – is an excellent way to keep your relationship secure from competitive threats. Social media provides the advantage of immediate contact with your client regardless of time and day.

When it makes sense, ask for referrals (if you're confident you can deliver) and follow through with exceptional service. Doing good work for your client’s connection only affirms the relationship. You enhance your reputation with both individuals, which leads to more referrals, including some you don't ask for.

Finally, when your client relationships remain strong, competitors can sense it, making them less likely to pursue the sales opportunity after their initial outreach.

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