How Top Reps Outperform Their Peers Infographic

Learn how to outperform your peers in 2015 with LinkedIn’s latest infographic on social selling.

January 14, 2015

Half a century ago, Dick Fosbury “flopped” head first over the high jump bar to win gold at the 1968 Olympics. His unorthodox style demolished the world record and changed the sport of high jumping forever. Within four years, every Olympian high jumper used the “Fosbury Flop.”

Sales professionals are experiencing a similar transformation. Now that the majority of buyers use social media and online content for education, the sales pros who “set the bar” are those who are willing to adapt their approach to align with the new buying journey.

Last fall, we introduced LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI), a scale of 1-100 that measures how well sales professionals use LinkedIn to create a professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights, and build strong relationships.

LinkedIn’s research shows that SSI leaders have 45% more opportunities per quarter and are 51% more likely to hit quotas than SSI laggards. Like Dick Fosbury’s world record high jump, these results are hard for sales professionals to ignore.

As you ramp up your sales efforts for 2015, learn more about how social selling can help you win more sales with our latest infographic: “How Top Reps Outperform Their Peers.”