Increase the Value of LinkedIn for Demand Generation, Deal Closing and Relationship Management

July 22, 2014


Through LinkedIn’s 300M+ members, 3M+ companies and 2M+ group conversations, LinkedIn provides unprecedented means to accelerate your company’s sales cycle. With LinkedIn, you have the reach to dramatically increase the value of LinkedIn for demand generation, deal closing and relationship management.

Here are three ways that you can accelerate your sales:

1. Connect With Your Top C-Level Customers

Business is about customers, but nurturing relationships takes time. Use LinkedIn to efficiently:

  • Establish direct channels of communication
  • Remain top-of-mind for your customers and provide them necessary attention
  • Find customers by searching for their name, company or position
  • Follow your customer’s Company Pages
  • Keep track of your contact’s interests and public activity in your newsfeed

2. Empower Your Team to Leverage Your Network - at Your Discretion

Relationships accelerate business, but if your relationships are hidden, they’re of no value to your team members. Through LinkedIn you can connect your team to key decision makers, while maintaining control of their access.

  • Harness the reach of your network with LinkedIn Sales Navigator: It allows teams to find the right people, engage with insights and sell with confidence. If you’re already using Sales Navigator, use the TeamLink feature to see who within your company is connected to your leads and contacts.
  • Unleash your sales team: Work with your head of sales to figure out a process for introducing your sales team to new prospects. Encourage your teammates to use the resources they have available, including their network.

3. Be Where Your Customers Are

People do business with companies and people that they know, like and trust. LinkedIn expands your presence by improving your ability to engage with customers and prospects and activating connections as brand ambassadors.

  • Listen and engage in conversations: Listen to potential customers by joining and following groups and participating in discussions. It’s a great way to gain customer insights about needs and interests.
  • Interact with customers: Having in-person interactions with your customers is the best way to create brand advocates. You can do that by posting updates and sharing content on your LinkedIn profile or Company Page.