6 Steps to Accelerate Your Sales in 2015 Infographic

Discover six steps toward social selling success for salespeople, team leaders, and marketers in LinkedIn’s new infographic.

February 16, 2015


Social selling is rapidly becoming the new norm in the sales profession. It’s no mystery why: Businesses that practice social selling are seeing amazing results. In fact, sales pros who demonstrate effectiveness with the four pillars of social selling  have been shown to generate 45% more opportunities per quarter. But social selling is not just good for individual sales professionals. When social selling is adopted across-the-board it can improve lead generation, simplify prospecting, shorten sales cycles, and increase revenue for the entire organization.

In the infographic below, we highlighted the steps to getting started with social selling based on our latest eBook, 6 Steps to Accelerate Your Sales in 2015. Whether you are responsible for driving revenue, leading a sales team, or generating demand, you will discover specific steps you can take to achieve greater success with social selling. Sales professionals, team leaders, and marketing professionals will learn how to:

  1. Set up Your Foundation
  2. Build Your Network
  3. Find the Right People
  4. Engage Prospects with Insights
  5. Build Strong Relationships
  6. Measure and Optimize

If you’re ready to take charge of your social selling success, get started now by scrolling through our 6 Steps to Accelerate Your Sales in 2015 Infographic.

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