Introducing LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Android

June 1, 2015


Social selling is not just about having sales intelligence, but it’s about having it exactly when you need it. Whether you are prepping ahead of a meeting, traveling to visit a client, or just want insights while away from your desk, convenience matters. Today we are pleased to announce that Sales Navigator Mobile for Android is now available in Google Play. Android is the dominant worldwide mobile operating system with a 81.5% market share (IDC, 2015) and we are excited to bring all the features customers have come to rely on with our iOS app counterpart to so many more of our existing customers. Sales Navigator Mobile for Android gives you access to Sales Navigator’s key features where you need them most: everywhere. The many on-the-go advantages include:



Get real-time updates on your accounts and leads (including push notifications)

Be the first to know when your leads change roles, share an update, or connect with someone in your network. Sales Navigator’s real-time updates are instantly available within the app, so you’ll never miss the latest news.


Check out profiles for insights and common connections

View your leads’ LinkedIn profiles directly within the app. You can take further action within profiles by sending InMails, creating customized Connection Requests, and saving new leads.


Find and save new leads, or connect immediately after a meeting

Follow up on that promising prospect meeting by connecting with your contacts immediately afterward. Save these leads within Sales Navigator to see their updates on your homepage, mobile app and CRM.


Receive and send timely messages with InMail on the go

No email address? No problem! Reach your new prospects directly with an InMail from the Sales Navigator app, and start meaningful conversations at the touch of a button.


Collaborate with team members to find new leads

With the TeamLink feature, you can discover who on your sales team knows a prospect prior to entering a meeting. TeamLink helps identify common connections, and suggests colleagues at your company that can help you with a warm introduction.


Current LinkedIn Sales Navigator users can simply download the Android app today for free, login, and get started!