Introducing The Sales Manager’s Guide to Drive Social Media Adoption and Revenue

Learn how to implement and manage a social media program that drives results and revenue for your sales team with this new eBook from LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

August 27, 2015


As a sales manager, you want to equip your team to be the best they can be. And you know that social selling can drive your team’s success now and in the future. You’ve seen other organizations shorten sales cycles, win more sales, and bring in more revenue through top-to-bottom social selling transformation.

Even with all of social selling’s proven results, it can be hard to make the switch. Odds are there are plenty of people in your organization who are comfortable with the status quo, from the C-suite on down to the veterans on your team. So it’s crucial that you have a plan for your initiative to succeed, starting with your early adopters and leading to a true social selling transformation that leads to revenue growth.

At LinkedIn Sales Solutions, we were one of the early champions of social selling. We’ve seen it grow from an idea to a movement that is transforming the sales profession, and we want to help every sales team succeed with social selling.

That’s why we created The Sales Manager’s Guide to Drive Social Media Adoption and Revenue. It’s designed to help you implement a goal-based, measurable, always-improving social selling paradigm. As your sales team dives into social media, track their progress on each of the four elements of social selling to see if they are using LinkedIn effectively. Seeing how your performance on LinkedIn is changing over time can help you create a benchmark for your sales activities, set goals, and determine what drives revenue growth for your organization.

By downloading this new eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish goals to measure and manage social selling and get results
  • Create a plan to ensure adoption and success
  • Track your team’s individual sales activities
  • Keep your reps motivated to stay the course
  • Continually tweak the program to yield better results over time

Download The Sales Manager’s Guide to Drive Social Media Adoption and Revenue, and help your team create a social selling environment that is proven to drive results and revenue in the modern era.