Join the New Sales Revolution: Your Guide to the New Way to Sell

May 12, 2015


In today’s highly connected world, traditional sales tactics like cold calls and blind emails are going the way of dial-up Internet. Buyers today are more connected than ever, and more and more sales pros are forgoing the cliché of the “Always Be Closing” salesperson and rising to the new challenge to “Always Be Connected.” But with an ever-evolving array of sales-centric technology and new ways to stay connected at every turn, how can sales organizations avoid getting overwhelmed by it all and implement social selling effectively?

It all starts with creating a social selling strategy that aligns with your organizational objectives. That means making sure each member of the sales team adopts best practices for creating a strong presence on LinkedIn that inspires trust in prospects and clients. Sales pros can also drive social selling success by taking advantage of LinkedIn’s Advanced Search feature and other tools to find the best prospects and uncover new opportunities. Finally, sales reps can harness the platform’s power to gauge their prospect’s interests and reach out to them in the most relevant, credible way possible.

But that’s just a sliver of the social selling expertise you’ll find in our latest guide. In this eBook, you’ll also learn:

  • To put more emphasis on the “relationship” aspect of your CRM tools
  • Ways to cut through the online clutter and execute thought leadership activities that grab the attention of busy prospects and customers
  • How to avoid organizational silos and create a more collaborative selling team
  • How you can transform your sales organization by cultivating a transparent, open culture that fosters trust with prospects and customers
  • Ways your sales organization can embrace new technology to stay connected with clients and one step ahead of the competition

Download the eBook for a step-by-step guide to effectively implementing social selling to transform your organization and join the sales revolution.