LinkedIn Updates Sales Navigator With Social Selling Index Integration And New Homepage Design

October 7, 2015

Social selling is core to our Sales Solutions business. The launch of Sales Navigator last year was a major step forward in realizing our goal to become the most effective social selling platform online.

Today, we’re excited to announce two major updates to Sales Navigator – the integration of the Social Selling Index, and the launch of our newly re-designed homepage.

The Social Selling Index (SSI) helps sales professionals benchmark their social selling activities on LinkedIn. We made SSI available to all LinkedIn members in August, and based on the positive feedback we received, we’re now integrating it into the Sales Navigator experience.  

How it works

SSI measures progress against the four elements of social selling: establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights and building relationships. It then assigns an individual score from 1-100 based on effectiveness across all four elements. In the last year, we’ve seen a tremendous uptick in social selling activities on our platform from some of today’s biggest companies.  


We know measurement drives success. The goal of Sales Navigator is to make it easier for sales professionals to find, understand and engage with buyers in a meaningful way.  We’ve spent the last year learning about users’ needs and know that if they’re able to measure their performance, then they are able to set clearer goals. This integration brings an ease of use that not only streamlines the social selling process, but it also simplifies it by delivering actionable information within the product.

Some of our most engaged Sales Solutions customers such as SAP, Microsoft and the National Basketball Association have been piloting these new enhancements. While it’s early in this process, we’re encouraged by the engagement rates we’re seeing.  

We also know that the key to higher engagement is a product that’s easy to use. With that, we’re excited to present our newly redesigned Sales Navigator homepage, created to simplify the overall social selling process.


Our data shows that 30% of all Sales Navigator sessions start on the product homepage and the other 70% end up there at some point. Our goal is to continuously improve the experience, so that users of all abilities can see long-term value. We’re starting with the fundamental idea of giving more control to users so they working efficiently, but there’s a lot more.  Here are a few highlights from our new homepage:

  1. Additional filters that give more control of who/what you see in your stream
  2. Context on how you know someone and tips on how to start authentic conversations
  3. Workflow improvements to help you pick up where you left off
  4. Ability to share a post with your network without ever leaving Sales Navigator

It’s been an exciting year for Sales Solutions. As social selling becomes key to how sales professionals conduct business, I’m pleased to see Sales Navigator emerging as core to their experience. We want to help sales professionals build deeper relationships by working smarter, not harder, and enhancements like these reinforce our commitment to help them do just that.