Introducing Notes & Tags Feature in Sales Navigator

August 23, 2016

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Relationships are everything in sales, and tightly managing your interactions with prospects and customers plays a big role in your ability to work efficiently, and close deals.

Here at LinkedIn, we spend a lot of time listening to our customers, and we welcome any feedback that can help us be a more effective social selling platform.  One of the most useful pieces of feedback has been the overwhelming request from salespeople to help them track their relationships in Sales Navigator in a more efficient way.

Today we’re excited to introduce Notes & Tags, a new feature within the Sales Navigator experience which helps sales professionals keep a detailed chronological account of their interactions with potential customers or target companies.

In the sales game, it’s critical to have the right view into the buyer-seller relationship flow.  It’s through this perspective salespeople are able to present the right information, to the right person, in the right context, at the right time.

Notes & Tags will improve this experience by making social selling through LinkedIn more efficient, therefore more productive.  Here are a few highlights of what users can expect:

  • Organize their potential customers and companies in a way that works for them

  • Keep track of people and companies  

  • Take notes directly on people and companies without opening another window

In the last year, we have seen increased demand for Sales Navigator and Notes & Tags is a long-requested feature;  we are excited to see how salespeople start to take advantage of it.  This is the very first iteration of the feature, but we are looking forward to seeing how our users engage with it so we know where to take it next.  

Notes and tags will be ramping to all Sales Navigator users in the next few weeks. To learn more about Sales Navigator, please click here.