Introducing the New InMail Experience in Sales Navigator

Increase your InMail response rate with highly personalized outreach

November 17, 2016

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As sales professionals rely increasingly on sales tools to automate their email outreach, they’re starting to see their prospects tune out messages which they deem generic. Personalized messages have always generated the greatest response rate, but keeping track of what every prospect is doing, and knowing when to engage them, is time consuming and hard to learn.

Today, we’re excited to announce the redesign of InMail for Sales Navigator, which lets you easily understand what your prospects value, and communicate with tailored messages that help move them along the buying process. The new experience surfaces the right information and the right context, including shared connections, location, company/individual mentions in the news, so you have the insights needed to build rapport with your prospects, whether or not you have their contact information.

With new InMail experience for Sales Navigator, you can:

Create more personalized messages: A buyer will most likely respond to your InMail if it is about them and their needs. The new InMail experience allows you to scroll the profile of the buyer and insert relevant information about their experiences. You can easily find common connections, shared groups and recent LinkedIn activity so you can include it in your message in a way that builds credibility and rapport with your buyer.

Easily send documents: Attach documents within InMail so that your prospects have the relevant information they need at each phase of the sales cycle.

Efficiently manage your messages: The redesigned inbox uses conversation threading so you can keep your communication history in order. Whether you are viewing a past conversation or writing a new one, you have instant access to relevant information about your buyer, like shared connections or common groups, which you can insert directly into your message.

"Part of my job is to ensure our sales team uses social selling best practices, especially when it comes to writing InMail. The new InMail experience allows me to coach them on different ways to personalize an InMail and improve response. Our reps are now even more confident the InMails they send will be the spark that ignites the conversation with our prospects."

Eve Kedar- Sr. Manager Sales Enablement Training at ON24

Our goal is to provide all sales professionals with the tools to help make them more competitive and successful. The new InMail experience for Sales Navigator will enable you to deliver tailored outreach experiences that generate higher response rates.

These enhancements will be ramping to all Sales Navigator users in the coming weeks. Log into Sales Navigator and reach out to your prospect today.