Sales Navigator on the Go: Become a Mobile Power User

Learn three ways to make the most of your time away from the office using the Sales Navigator mobile app.

May 4, 2017

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A recent sales productivity study found that today’s sales reps spend 20% of their time on admin and reporting work and just 32% selling to customers. With all the admin work, meetings, and other distractions sales pros deal with, mobile productivity has become a key differentiator. Whether you are an inside sales rep or a seasoned road warrior, you are on the go at some point during the day.

To help you boost productivity while hustling, here are three Sales Navigator power user tricks for achieving success with a Smartphone.


Whether you are on the bus or train to work, or out visiting clients, put your spare moments to good use.

When prepping for a meeting, easily access all relevant information about the account from the app. Because of the integration with CRM systems, Sales Navigator will automatically display relevant insights from the accounts and leads you’re actively working.

If you’ve already used Sales Navigator to save accounts or Lead Builder to create lead lists, you'll be able to see the shares and updates of those companies and individuals. Spot a trigger event, such as a new round of funding? Reach out via an InMail message to start a conversation, then keep the conversation going right in the app. 

Or you can use filters to search for people in specific roles within specific companies or industries and then take advantage of Spotlights to find leads that have TeamLink Introductions. You can even map out a prospect’s organization by looking through the “People Also Viewed” section of the prospect’s profile to identify colleagues.

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Waiting for Coffee

If you’re in a long line at your favorite coffee shop, embrace the wait. Take the time to get up to speed on existing accounts & view messages. Check for notifications that your leads have published content or that an account has announced a major initiative. Never miss a client communication either with notifications of InMail responses and messages. At the very least, you’ll already be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you get to the office.

If you are trying to build pipeline, while sipping your latte, check out the Discover tab to view and save daily lead and account recommendations based on your preferences. Lead recommendations display all LinkedIn profile information, including the person’s headline, current position, location, and shared connections. Account recommendations show relevant industry information and mutual connections.

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Networking at Conferences

Conferences and other events can be terrific places to make promising connections. The key is to find the right people, and then capture all your notes and take steps to maintain the relationship once you’ve met face to face.

When you meet key people at an event – whether through a scheduled meeting or serendipitously during the course of the event – save them as a lead and invite them to connect. Once they are saved, you can also tag them, such as with the name of the conference. You can even add additional tags after saving them – such as “decision maker” – for more detailed categorization. Tags aren’t visible to your contacts but they will help you keep track of where you met and why the connection matters.

In the “Note” field of a saved person, you can write any pertinent information you’d like to remember about the connection. Remind yourself whether you made this connection at a specific conference session, at the after party, or somewhere in between. The information you store in your saved contacts is private, so you don’t need to worry that your connection will see what you’ve jotted down.

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Sales productivity shouldn’t stop when you leave your desk. Keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your sales world with the Sales Navigator mobile app.

For even more ways to use Sales Navigator to its full potential, download our eBook, How to Maximize LinkedIn’s Value with Sales Navigator.