Here’s What Users on G2 Crowd are Saying About Sales Navigator

July 11, 2018

G2Crowd Sales Navigator

The people have spoken, and the verdict is in: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an indispensable tool for digital sellers.

This is according to actual sales professionals on G2 Crowd, which aggregates “real-time and unbiased user reviews (to) help you objectively assess what is best for your business.” The website has become a central destination for B2B companies seeking to evaluate software and solutions based on peer analysis.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a leader in the sales intelligence category, achieving an unparalleled combination of customer satisfaction and market presence.

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What Users Are Saying About Sales Navigator

You can peruse reviews (or submit your own) on the Sales Navigator G2 Crowd page, but here are a few examples of what users have recently said they like about the product:

  • “LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a critical sales tool. I would not be able to fully function as sales professional without. Furthermore, the team I manage would not be near as productive without it.” — Abraham D.
  • “InMail Messages are unbelievably useful for those times when you just can't track down good contact info.” — Alex M.
  • “The ability to be able to filter by specific industry, location, seniority, company size and job title is fantastic and for prospecting it's an invaluable tool that allows you to find the correct people quickly and easily.” — Ross D.
  • “I have been able to make contact with different people within the organization that I would've never known existed, unless it was for LinkedIn Navigator.” — Brian M.
  • “I love how you can save leads and accounts, so when prospecting, if you want to come back to someone specifically later, you can save their name.” — Joshua C.
  • “As a marketer what I like most is knowing that the employment data is fresh/correct because people usually update it themselves - as opposed to acquiring list via conferences or other means in which the data goes stale over time because it's not refreshed.” — Michael M.
  • “I like the updates it posts when people move to new jobs, those are often the people I target, it is also very easy to see news going on at a company—for example if they were acquired by anyone, if they are in the news etc—gives an easy segway (sic) to give a reason for calling someone.” — Erin V.

Check Out Sales Navigator on G2 Crowd

There is plenty more to explore on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator reviews page at G2 Crowd, where you can filter submissions by various parameters, and view ratings of specific features.

We truly appreciate all the kind words and will keep working to make the product as useful, accessible, and powerful as possible for the modern sales team.

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