How 5 Companies Scored More Wins with Sales Navigator

November 26, 2018

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As you read this, sales teams everywhere are streamlining, synchronizing, synergizing... anything deemed necessary to fill the pipeline with probable deals. But when it comes down to it, pretty much every company that struggles to hit revenue targets — assuming they have a worthwhile offering, that is — does so because they haven’t yet arrived at a scalable way to pinpoint the right prospects, understand their unique situation, and engage them in a way that justifies a response.  

Scroll on to see how five EMEA-based companies use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to cut through the fluff and seize control of their sales process.

Kallidus Ups Its Business Development Game with Sales Navigator

Integrated learning and talent software company Kallidus knew what its ideal customer looked like. The problem was, the company needed a better way to identify matches, reach leads, and strengthen relationships.

Kallidus turned to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, first using the tool to support the business development team’s phone and email tactics with advanced targeting and insights. Today, Kallidus also takes advantage of the tool for researching, creating targeted lists, and contacting prospects through InMail. The Recent Mover filter and the automatic updates feature have been particularly helpful as a means of pinpointing contacts with potential.

As for results, the Kallidus team has engaged several large companies previously deemed inaccessible. “LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives us access to information that we cannot get anywhere else,” says Head of New Business Harry Chapman-Walker. “The team has Sales Navigator open all day, every day.”

Baltic Training Boosts Its Prospecting Prowess with Sales Navigator

Baltic Training, an education management company that focuses on tech apprenticeships has always been a proponent of using LinkedIn for prospecting. Prior to upgrading to Sales Navigator though, the company’s sales team found they were being held back by the cap on searches, profile views, and messages.

Upgrade accomplished, Baltic Training boosted its ability to identify a diverse range of professionals who could potentially benefit from its offering. The sales team used saved searches to better organize and track customers and prospects. And the unique insights gleaned from LinkedIn allowed Baltic Training’s sales pros to connect and engage with a targeted list of accounts through in-platform messaging and InMail.

Baltic Training now leans heavily on LinkedIn when it comes to targeting relevant people and companies, unlocking private profiles, and contacting customers even when there’s no current connection on LinkedIn. As a result, the sales team has seen a surge in fruitful conversations. The upgrade has made a significant difference in the eyes of Business Manager Gary Archbold. “Sales Navigator is an exceptional tool that has really enhanced our results as a business and created many more new opportunities.”

EDICOM Grows an Engaged Following with Help from Sales Navigator

EDICOM is a global leader in the development of electronic data interchange (EDI), a specialized industry that requires the company to reach a niche audience. Prior to using Sales Navigator, EDICOM struggled to seek out the best prospects within complex corporate hierarchies.  

The company had a somewhat unconventional goal mixed in with its desired outcomes for Sales Navigator: help employees become eager brand ambassadors. The company’s organic followers have increased by 42% as a result of this vision, and the more than 100% lift in engagement metrics such as likes and shares has done wonders for lead generation. EDICOM’s marketing team relies on audience insights from LinkedIn to better align content with specific opportunities.

Marketing Manager Enrique Buenaventura Soler has noticed a spike in overall sales efficiency. “Sales Navigator offers us a set of essential functions to reach prospects in all the countries we operate, reducing the steps to reach the decision makers.”

Papersoft Expands Global Reach and Closes a Key Deal with Sales Navigator

What a difference a tactic can make. Before Sales Navigator entered the picture, Papersoft’s sales team tried to engage global sales prospects with cold emails. The results were frigid at best — the company’s sales team exerted much effort with little engagement to show for it.

The Papersoft sales team decided to give cold email the cold shoulder, turning to LinkedIn InMail instead. “Because InMail gets more attention than a cold email, the response rate was much higher,” explains Business Development Manager Jorge Carvalho, “which made it easier to move prospects along and schedule meetings.”

With higher response rates to their InMails and the newfound ability to see which people viewed and interacted with sales content via LinkedIn PointDrive, Carvalho’s team uncovered promising prospects across the globe, also resulting in the closing of a crucial deal.

Sword Active Risk Uses Sales Navigator to Proactively Tackle Prospecting Efficiency

As an enterprise risk management solutions provider, it’s important for Sword Active Risk to stay on top of industry trends and pivotal players, in addition to the target accounts they need to engage.  

The Sword Active Risk sales team started using Sales Navigator because prospecting had become a time-consuming and costly venture — they needed a more efficient way to reach and engage potential clients. It was becoming hard to keep track of updates and timing triggers, particularly when key contacts changed roles or companies.

Information quality plays a big role in Active Risk’s success, and VP of Marketing Keith Rickets has noticed the difference. “Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator enhances our team’s ability to identify, communicate with, and engage with key individuals, while the underpinning technology platforms ensure we remain updated on news about people and organizations.”

Sales Navigator empowers sales teams to better target, understand, and engage with the people who matter. Learn how your team can succeed with Sales Navigator.