Introducing "The Elevator Pitch: Sales Navigator Edition"

November 8, 2018

Sales Navigator Elevator Pitch

Sometimes, you need to go deep on a product. That’s why there are product pages and ebooks.

Other times, you just need the elevator pitch. And then there are those times — such as right now — when you need an elevator pitch that has, well, perfect pitch.

Introducing “The Elevator Pitch: Sales Navigator Edition.” This elevator pitch video has the advantage of taking place in an actual elevator — with a barbershop quartet thrown in for good measure. 

In this short video, you get the elevator pitch for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Here's the pitch:

Sales Navigator helps sales managers and sales representatives by tapping into over a half billion LinkedIn members. Sales Navigator is purpose built to help sales teams expand existing customer relationships, acquire new business, and maximize productivity — with all the goodness of LinkedIn like connections and InMail. You also get Advanced Search, which enables you to save leads and accounts. It will even suggest Lead Recommendations, customized for you. Additionally, Sales Navigator’s TeamLink enables you to find the mutual connections that turn a cold call into a hot lead. You can also use PointDrive to share relevant content with your buyers throughout the customer lifecycle. And our new Deals feature enables sales managers and reps to get better visibility into pipeline and more productive deal review sessions.

Check out the video It will take you less two minutes — and you won't even have to wait for the elevator. 

The Sales Navigator Elevator Pitch Video

And that's how you do an elevator pitch in harmony.

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