Wednesday Wins: How Sales Navigator Moves the Needle for this Growing Product Company

April 3, 2019

Pendo Uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A fuller pipeline and a busier sales cycle are good challenges to have. In fact, they’re not really challenges at all if a team is equipped with the right tools. After five years of rapid growth, Pendo needed powerful sales enablement software to keep up with its busy sales cycle and accelerating objectives.

Pendo offers a product cloud designed to help product teams primarily in the SaaS space improve user experiences, reduce churn, launch new feature announcements, and more. To tackle two of its most critical initiatives, prospecting and networking, Pendo’s sales team turned to Sales Navigator.

Pendo Sales Reps Leverage Connections in Sales Navigator

Engaging, interactive content creates 2x more conversions than passive content—and disseminating that content among prospects is the responsibility of the sales team.

“We really believe that prospecting has to be a multi-layered approach. You can’t just be cold calling someone or emailing them. You need to be hitting them from every angle—from calls, to emails, to social. It’s the combination of those things that have the most success,” says Pendo’s Sales Operations Manager, Kristen Podger. Sales Navigator gives sales reps the ability to connect in various ways, like sending personalized messages through InMail, or sharing and engaging with a prospective customer’s content at the right moment.

According to Podger, the team at Pendo uses Sales Navigator to share content and add value during the prospecting process. “Product teams love content. Being a part of the content community on LinkedIn is a huge way for our team to leverage their connections,” Podger says.

Sales Navigator is a Tech Stack Staple

The success of a B2B sales strategy depends on the strength of its foundation. As Eric Eden of Receipt Bank has put it: “The first foundational block is the systems themselves, and you have to have systems because you can’t just do everything manually. That doesn’t really scale.”

For Pendo, Sales Navigator has become a foundational fixture. In fact, Podger says the first question new sales development reps ask her is, “When am I getting LinkedIn Sales Navigator?”

“It’s something [the sales team] can immediately start using to enhance their prospecting,” Podger says. It’s not a big, cumbersome tool that they have to learn from scratch. They can get right in, and it’s in a space they already trust, because everyone knows LinkedIn.”

An Impact Worth Roaring About

Since first adopting the platform, Pendo has sourced 68% of opportunities from Sales Navigator, making LinkedIn a central component of its business development strategy.

Additionally, Pendo has seen 50% bigger deal sizes, 89% of its revenue influenced, and a 97% lift in win rate. Sales Navigator is now a core essential for the company’s reps. According to Podger, “There would be uproar if we took this tool away because of the positive results for our business.”

Check out the full case study to learn more about how Pendo uses Sales Navigator to surpass its prospecting and networking goals.