How Rhumbix Leverages Sales Navigator to Help Digitize the Construction Industry

June 26, 2019

How Rhumbix Leverages Sales Navigator to Help Digitize the Construction Industry

Despite being one of the world’s largest sectors and employing 7% of the working-age population, the construction industry is one of the least digitized in the world, according to MGI’s digitization index. Companies across the globe are working to change that, and Rhumbix is among the leaders.

Rhumbix modernizes the construction industry and its various operations by helping builders go paperless in the field, as well as improving how they measure and manage labor productivity. To connect with prospects, nurture leads, and sell their cloud-based platform to ideal customers, the sales team at Rhumbix leans on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Adding a Personal Touch to a 100-Day Sales Cycle

According to Kayla Rockwell, Director of Marketing at Rhumbix, the company’s average sales cycle has surpassed 100 days, which is lengthy — even for B2B. 

“A lot of business previously in construction was figuratively and literally built on a handshake,” Rockwell says. In the same way decision makers of old based their decisions on mutual connections, so do modern decision makers in the construction industry.

“It’s who you know. It’s a mutual connection,” Rockwell shares. “That’s the way it operates offline, so being able to bring that element to the online space, which is what Sales Navigator facilitates, makes the transition to online relationship-building feel a little bit more intuitive.”

Sales Navigator is a Lifeline for Sourcing Information

Operating within the United States and Canada, account executives at Rhumbix rely on Sales Navigator to transcend multiple markets. One particular AE supports a majority of the team’s Canadian market.

According to Rockwell, relevant information in Canada, as it pertains to the sales cycle, is harder to come by. 

“Sales Navigator really is his lifeline for sourcing information in the Canadian market,” Rockwell says. “I think without it, he would have a really tough time.”

Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

“A lot of construction is offline still. There are not comprehensive databases where [sales reps] can find decision makers” says Rockwell. “I think that because of the way LinkedIn presents itself, it is a low barrier to entry for someone who maybe isn’t as technically savvy.”

The team at Rhumbix attributes 69% of influenced revenue to Sales Navigator. Since adopting the platform, Rhumbix has sourced 78% of opportunities to it. They’ve seen a 1.67x lift in deal size and a 2.44x increase in win rate.

Learn more about how Rhumbix uses Sales Navigator to revolutionize the construction industry by reading the full case study.