Move from Monitoring to Empowering Your Team with Sales Navigator

Learn how Sales Navigator helps LinkedIn’s Greg Davis empower his team to better understand its customers and establish trust with prospects.

August 5, 2015


About the Author: Greg Davis is the North American Director of Sales for LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions – Financial Services. His passions are for people, culture, and customers, and he appreciates the deep relationships the last 20 years in sales have allowed him to build. Greg believes the client experience comes first, and enjoys helping other sales pros improve the way they engage with prospects and customers.

I have conversations with sales leaders quite often. Each time I learn something new, see a different perspective on our challenges, and thoroughly enjoy myself. There is really only one trend in these meetings that’s giving me pause: Sales leaders sometimes invest more in monitoring their teams’ activity than empowering them to perform.

Most sales leaders fully embrace the opportunity to help their clients drive more business, save more money, and genuinely improve the way they do things. Many of us entered the sales industry because we truly want to help others solve problems and puzzles.

When we hire, we select candidates who are driven and bright, and who we feel can excel in any environment. Being a sales leader is one of the most rewarding jobs I can think of, because we get to both make a positive impact on our teams and see how those teams have a positive impact on their clients’ personal and professional goals.

That said, I can’t shake the feeling there’s a disconnection between what we want as sales leaders and what happens when we focus on monitoring instead of coaching. We hold discussions around pipelines and invest in tools and devices to track KPIs, then fail our teams because we don’t truly empower them.

By re-directing our attention to coaching instead of monitoring, we can build a world class sales organization that understands clients better, builds stronger relationships, and works harder to solve client problems – even before they know they have them.

Since making the shift from monitoring activity to empowering my team with access to insights and connections, I have a happier and exponentially more productive team. One of the tools I use to empower them is LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. It allows my team to discover what really matters to their prospects, make more meaningful connections with decision makers, identify warm paths, and establish themselves as trusted business partners instead of vendors.

Let me share with you howSales Navigator enables sales professionals in the following ways:

  • Helps them find and connect with the right people
  • Keeps them informed of key changes in target accounts
  • Boosts their credibility with prospects and customers

Retain your best sales people, help them understand clients and prospects better, and create a world class sales organization. As sales leaders, we owe it to our teams and clients to empower our people to be better at what they do. Sales Navigator is one way to get started.

To learn more about how Sales Navigator can help you empower your team, check out the How to Maximize LinkedIn’s Value with Sales Navigator eBook.