Prospecting for Success Infographic

January 15, 2014

Prospecting is the foundation of the sales process: if you can’t find the right decision maker at your account, you won’t be able to close a deal. But just how important is it? We conducted a survey of several thousand sales professionals to find out. We asked them about their performance against quota, then compared this against their sales prospecting activity on

The results speak for themselves – there is a significant relationship between the number of profiles a rep views at each account and the likelihood that they will hit their number.

Prospecting for success_image1d

Sales Navigator helps you to prospect more efficiently.  Lead Builder and Premium Search filters help you to pinpoint the right decision makers, while the recently announced Lead Recommendations feature surfaces similar decision makers & influencers to create multiple paths into a company, directly from your prospects' profiles. Check out our recent blog post of the launch to learn more about this great feature.