Are you leveraging sales insights the most effective way?

Save time and reduce research using this helpful tipsheet.

August 30, 2016

  • Leveraging-Sales-Insights

It’s another busy day social selling, you have a to-do list a mile high, and you have to reach out to a new prospect that you don’t know very much about. You try to sort through relevant company data, but even so, you still feel unprepared: how are you supposed to leverage this information in the most effective way?

Don’t feel bad if this sounds familiar.  Like many sales representatives, you’re on a race against time, with so much to accomplish before end of business day and not enough bandwidth to gather the necessary context to achieve optimal results.

What you could really use is some guidance from a trusted expert who is familiar with the platform you work on, and committed to helping  you achieve your social selling best.  Which is exactly why we created this free tipsheet: Decision Maker Insights for Sales Professionals. This 1-pager will give you all of the insights you need to learn as much as possible before conduct outreach, so you can build relationships and boost revenue without leaving your desk.

Download Decision Maker Insights for Sales Professionals to learn more about:

·      Data pulled from LinkedIn about sales decision makers and their activity and behavior on the LinkedIn platform

·      Tips on how to use the data to connect and engage with prospects

 Download this free tipsheet and boost your social sales today.