Proof Month is Coming: Finding the Truth Behind Effective Sales Strategies

August 31, 2017

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Proof is and always has been an elusive thing.

Given the inherently high standards, definitively proving anything is tough. And when it comes to sales, proof should be a blessing and not a burden. Today, no philosophizing is needed to convey the value of a salesperson’s efforts. We can measure and report results across a vast array of parameters, enabling us to attribute revenue to activities with unprecedented clarity.

The Proof is Out There

The Thing. Loch Ness Monster. The Bogeyman. These supernatural creatures have a power over us, in the same way that age-old sales conventions continue to endure. They’re not proven, but they haven’t been disproven either.

That’s about to change. LinkedIn Sales Solutions is ready to place some commonly held sales ROI beliefs under the magnifying glass during Proof Month. Check in throughout the coming month as we investigate the hidden truths of proving ROI in modern sales, uncovering secrets to maximizing your demonstrable success with social selling. What clues might you be missing in your approaches to prospecting, boosting win rates, and aligning with the buyer’s journey?

Along the way, we’ll use cold hard data to get to the bottom of three pervasive myths within the industry. Namely:

  • Salespeople should focus on a single buyer to build stronger relationships
  • Data > Dials: It’s more valuable to collect insights than to make calls
  • Sales should engage buyers at the end of the purchasing process

Fact or fiction? We’ll explore each of these commonly held assumptions during Proof Month in order to determine whether the evidence backs them up.

It’s time to take the mystery out of proving sales ROI. Subscribe to the LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog and come along for the journey.