Introducing Proof Month: It's Time to Take the Mystery Out of Proving ROI

A month dedicated to proving the value of your sales efforts on LinkedIn and beyond

September 4, 2017

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Once upon a time, connecting revenue to sales activities was profoundly simple: I sold it, they bought it. These days, it’s a more mysterious matter.

There are far more elements and variables involved with the proof process, especially for B2B sellers who deal with larger purchasing committees, an extended buying cycle, and more nuanced relationship-building dynamics.

Social selling is a powerful strategy, but it also seems to further muddy the waters. Can you really demonstrate that the time and effort spent on these initiatives are making an impact on the bottom line?

Yes, you can. In fact, cracking this case is not only possible, but imperative.

Prove It or Lose It

During Proof Month, we will analyze the fundamentals of uncovering sales ROI in the current business environment from every angle. Each day, you’ll find new content on the LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog serving as pieces of the puzzle.

What are the most important factors in directly tying revenue and leads to your actions? How can you quantify the value of building a lasting relationship? Which social selling tools and techniques consistently deliver a concrete return you can take to the bank?

We’ll investigate these enigmas, and not just in our own words. Proof Month will feature the latest hard data and evidence, as well as insights from experts in the field who are paving the way to a greater truth.

What’s on Tap for Proof Month?

Here’s a partial rundown of what you will find this month:

  • Blog posts separating fact from fiction on three of the most prevalent social selling myths
  • Two brand-new eBooks “Proof Positive” and "LinkedIn Selling Tactical Plan" which simplifies the complexities of proving ROI
  • Graphics that bring to life many of the concepts and takeaways
  • A steady stream of tips and stats on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages

Plus, we’ll serve up first-hand accounts from top sales performers who have overcome some of the most challenging sales ROI hurdles, while offering practical guidance so you can do the same:

“As the Chief Sales Officer, I’m responsible for helping our sales force stand out in the marketplace, which we’ve achieved via technology. We’ve gone from nine employees to 115 offices in 26 countries in less than a decade via organic growth.”

How did Tim Zubradt and his team at Crane make it happen?

“Our organization believes that some people are more naturally inclined to use social media, but that all sales pros can benefit in some way from social selling.”

What methods did Jagjit Singh and Infosys use to spur organizational adoption?

“I’m fortunate to have a really strong network in all sorts of industries at all sorts of levels. Many of the opportunities that we’ve closed have come through people that we’ve been introduced to and we’ve leveraged that relationship to connect with decision makers at companies that ultimately bought from us.”

How did Dan Swift of Sprinklr build this robust network?

We’ll get to the bottom of these mysteries and more. The secrets you’ll unearth during Proof Month will be crucial for sales pros seeking to reinforce their value and boost their budgets.

The proof is out there. Let’s find it together.

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