Join Us for Live with Sales Leaders: The Rise of Account-Based Selling

February 5, 2020

Join Us for Live with Sales Leaders: The Rise of Account-Based Selling

This next episode of Live with Sales Leaders, LinkedIn’s talk show for sales professionals, will delve into how your sales organization can reap the benefits of account-based selling. Join us for this latest episode of the show on Tuesday, February 11, at 2pm ET/11am PT.

Discussing ABS on the program will be Jen Spencer, VP-Sales and Marketing of SmartBug Media, and Dan Sincavage, COO of Tenfold. Moderating the show will be Allison McGreevy, Senior Customer Service Manager at LinkedIn.

McGreevy is a believer in the power of both sales and marketing taking an account-based approach, as you can see in this video. The most effective account-based programs blend marketing’s reach and ability to develop content with sales’ capability to provide an added level of personalization and targeting.

In this installment of Live With Sales Leaders, McGreevy, Spencer, and Sincavage plan to address the following themes:

  • How to use a data-driven ABS approch to reduce irrelevant leads.
  • Real-world, actionable tips for implementing an ABS program in your organization.
  • How to construct your sales technology stack to boost ABS performance.
  • How to hire the salespeople with the right skills to thrive in an ABS environment
  • And much more...

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