Sales Managers Need Social Selling Champions: Here’s How to Find Yours

Learn how to find the champions who can create momentum for your social selling initiative, inspiring the rest of your sales team to get on board.

September 29, 2015


Transforming your sales team into a social selling organization is a rewarding, but difficult task. It can be hard to overcome the inertia of the team members who are set in their old-school ways.

But don’t worry; once the program is running full steam, even your most skeptical holdouts will want to get the results your top reps are seeing. That’s why it’s crucial to start the program with the enthusiastic salespeople who are most likely to succeed.

Simply put, to win the war against the status quo, you need to find the champions on your team. Try these strategies to recruit your standard bearers.

Ask for Volunteers

The easiest way to find people who are excited about social selling is to ask. Odds are you have a few forward-thinking reps on your team who are already using LinkedIn and other social media platforms to pull ahead of the pack. With a little training and direction, they can start posting numbers that will make the rest of your organization take notice.

Identify SSI Leaders

The Social Selling Index (SSI) is based on the activity of top-selling salespeople. So the reps on your team with the highest SSI scores know how to use LinkedIn for social selling, and are primed for success.

If you have Sales Navigator for your team, you can see each team member’s SSI details in your dashboard. If not, you can ask each rep to check their SSI score and report back.

Tap the Enthusiasm of Recent Grads

The younger members of your team are digital natives—they grew up with the Internet and were the first to adopt social media. They also haven’t had years to settle into a routine they’ll be reluctant to change. And, of course, since they’re just starting out they have the most to gain and the least to lose by trying something new.

Of course, you may have a few hardened veterans who will be social selling naturals. But for the early stages of the program, the new recruits can make the change more quickly and enthusiastically.

Choose Reps with Varying Sales Styles

It’s important to show your sales team that social selling works for both reps focused on new business and those tasked with growing existing accounts. Make sure your champions reflect the diverse talents of your team to reveal the full potential of your social selling program.

Change is always challenging—and for a big change like a social selling transformation, you may encounter plenty of resistance. But with the right champions on your side, you can give your program the momentum it needs to succeed. The early success of your champions can convert your holdouts into social selling evangelists.

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