Sales Tools: Squeeze Out More SEO Juice from Your Profile

SEO profile optimization as a sales tool can help salespersons enhance their profiles and attract more prospects. Learn more in this post from LinkedIn.

July 19, 2014


Fresh link juice can be hard to generate online, especially in social media. While SEO optimization is typically thought of as a marketing tool, it can also help salespersons enhance their profiles and attract more prospects. When prospects use LinkedIn’s search functions and sales tools to track target keywords, optimized personal profiles fare better in those searches.

Here are some tips to squeeze as much link juice out of your LinkedIn profile as possible:

Utilize LinkedIn's three free backlinks

Every LinkedIn profile is awarded three slots in the Contact Information section for custom URLs – use them. While you can choose from several standard choices – website, blog, RSS feed, portfolio, etc. – the “Other” specification allows you more creativity. Insert your target keywords in these slots, and direct users to related content from the corresponding links.

These links should direct your connections to content that provides more information about you, your company, or your industry. Search bots can make the connection between keyword and destination, as can your prospects.

Optimize your job title

"Company Manager" isn't going to cut it anymore, and it does nothing for SEO. Your profile headline should be a summation of your current role, with as little filler content as possible. Train yourself to identify the keywords that best describe your company or role, and work to incorporate them in the headline text.

Descriptive headlines set your profile apart from competitors, and they increase your search visibility. Just remember to orient your text as customer-focused – this may be your personal profile, but it doesn’t look good to out-champion yourself when prospects are looking for answers to their own issues.

Consider beginning the profile with a short question – this helps establish the customer-centric focus right away.

Maximize relevant group membership.

Joining relevant groups is essential social selling practice, but it also carries SEO benefits for your profile page. Groups you join will display on your profile, and any target keywords included in group names will be indexed on your page.

Joining groups is the first step, but you won’t be able to maximize your efforts without consistent communication within the group. Active communication provides crawlers with more content to index – especially if you weave target keywords directly into your discussions.

Claim that vanity URL.

By default, your profile page URL contains randomly-generated numbers and characters. Changing this URL provides a credibility boost with your followers – it shows that your personal branding extends to all factors on the profile page.

Professionals generally use their names in the profile page URL – but if you have a commonly-used name, it might already be taken. If so, using something that's sales-relevant – your company name, professional brand, or a professional designation.

Your target prospects aren’t the only beings viewing your website – search crawlers also want the easiest route to relevant information. Use these strategies to optimize your profile and squeeze every last drop of SEO juice from your content.

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