Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

January 13, 2015


Let's face it. Most LinkedIn profiles don't make very interesting reading.

For salespeople, that's a problem. Consider: A LinkedIn profile is a perpetual introduction to the on-line world. That profile is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For most of us, it’s the first or second thing that comes up when someone Googles our name. In short, it’s an opportunity. But if our LinkedIn profile bores people, or makes them think we’re trying to pressure them into doing something they don’t feel like doing, or leaves them wondering what we’re trying to say, then we’re in trouble. If any of that happens, and we don’t fix the problem, then we are mishandling our virtual introduction to countless potential customers, every minute of every day. And any salesperson who consistently botches the introduction is likely to encounter some career problems!

The main thing for salespeople to remember about LinkedIn is this: It is a huge, never-ending, virtual networking event … and you always have to be ready with the right response to “What do you do?”

That's the question your LinkedIn profile is supposed to answer … but most salespeople write their profile as though they were being asked other questions. For instance: “What is your career history?” Or: “What is your company’s history?” Or: “Can you please describe all the features of your product/service?”

We teach salespeople how to create a powerful, high-impact 30-second commercial they can use to answer to the question “What do you do?”, or any of its variations, in a way that piques a prospective customer’s interest and creates a larger, mutually beneficial business discussion. The approach we use works in all industries. If you build your own effective 30-second commercial, and then incorporate it into your LinkedIn profile, you will dramatically improve your profile’s effectiveness as a marketing and sales tool.

To create a good 30-second commercial, consider the “What do you do?” question from the point of view of a prospect in pain who eventually turned into your happy customer. Then start writing – and rewriting.

So for instance, you might write: “We specialize in custom-designed inventory management systems for manufacturing and distribution operations. We’ve been particularly successful with companies in the X, Y, and Z industries that are concerned about the costs associated with inaccurate inventory counts, unhappy with frequent paperwork bottlenecks that slow down the fulfillment process, or disappointed by the amount of time it takes to reconcile purchasing, invoicing, and shipping records. We’ve been able to create hand-in-glove inventory management systems that help our customers save time, attention, and money.”

Notice, in that commercial, the use of hot-button words that connect directly to human emotion: “concerned,” “unhappy,” “disappointed.” That’s what a prospect in pain experiences! Notice, too, that the commercial focuses only on problems that a specific type of prospect would recognize. There is no company or personal history, and there are no feature dumps. Notice, too, that, true to its name, the 30-second commercial doesn’t go on forever!

If something like this isn’t on your LinkedIn profile, you’re at a competitive disadvantage. For more information on using LinkedIn to support your sales efforts, see our article 10 WAYS TO USE LINKEDIN TO PROSPECT MORE EFFECTIVELY.

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