Sell More Effectively By Sharing and Engaging with Updates on LinkedIn

Gain advantages, share insights, and become a better social seller by posting updates to your connections on LinkedIn.

February 17, 2016


You know that being active on LinkedIn is important—and you know that posting valuable content can help you stay top-of-mind and position yourself as a trusted, knowledgeable authority.

Even so, you might find the idea of publishing your ideas a little intimidating—you’re in sales, not marketing! LinkedIn’s Pulse is a powerful platform to post your thought-leading articles and opinion pieces, but it’s not the only way to share your insights and expertise with your connections.

Everyone on LinkedIn has something unique to say, but not everyone has the time to compose entire articles. Thankfully, LinkedIn’s interface also allows users to share updates, including links, articles written by others, images, and more, while adding short comments of your own to each posting.

At the top of your LinkedIn homepage feed, you’ll see a few options. While you can click “Publish a post” to write an impressive article on Pulse, clicking “Share an update” is a quick and easy way to show off your expertise and engage your audience.

Effective social sellers gain a competitive advantage just by sharing updates with their connections. Here are some simple ways to get more involved with insights via the updates feature—and sell better as a result.

Keep Current By Posting Daily Updates

If you’re looking to establish yourself as a helpful resource for your connections on LinkedIn, it won’t cut it to post an update only every once in a while. Fortunately, becoming a regular voice on LinkedIn is easy. In order to show potential clients that you’re focused and committed, consider making it a part of your routine to post interesting, engaging updates to LinkedIn every day.

In fact, many of us are already engaging with other social media platforms in this manner, sharing articles and links that interest us with family and friends. So why not treat your professional social connections the same way? If you can make posting and sharing updates to LinkedIn a habit, you may be surprised by the visibility it provides—and the trust that it inspires in your connections.

Stay On Top of Industry Developments

Whatever your industry or specialty, new ideas and developments are always circulating. Your online audience is interested in the latest and greatest, but they also want to see your unique take on what’s happening.

When you post updates that touch on novel ideas that are relevant to your business and to your clientele, you’ll see the best results. In some cases, these updates alone may lead to sales or new business from curious readers and followers.

Market yourself. Know what you have to offer.

One of the best things you can do to leverage social selling to your own advantage begins with understanding what makes you unique—and what you can offer that nobody else can. You probably already have a good idea of what sets you apart, but it’s crucial that you communicate this when sharing updates on LinkedIn.

It helps to share updates that apply specifically to your own areas of expertise. Even better, the comments you add to your posted updates will provide your connections more awareness of your own unique approach and modes of thinking.

Engage with others to build strong relationships

Posting updates is great, but there’s no reason to stop there. LinkedIn has several features to help you remain in regular contact with your connections—and to leverage those connections to sell more effectively. For example, you can use Pulse to see what your connections are sharing and discussing, commenting on these updates as you see fit.

You can also engage with your connections by sharing their updates and posts, which is a great way of showing that you recognize their contributions and understand where they’re coming from. Ultimately, the LinkedIn platform is as useful as you make it—and sharing regular, relevant updates with your connections is one of the best places to start.

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