How to Scale Water Cooler Conversations

Buyers are 5x more likely to engage if the outreach is through a mutual connection. Learn how TeamLink can help you go from casual conversation to sales meeting.

December 6, 2014


Conversations around the water cooler, kitchen, or coffee pot are an important part of the communications you have with colleagues. From stories of the previous weekend, to sports teams, to the weather, these conversations are what help you maintain or create new connections internally.

The connections that can be made don’t have to stop at the door to your office building.

The folks around you are walking networks made up of previous co-workers, bosses, conference attendees, and so much more. Water cooler conversations, once thought to only be valuable to morale, are in fact a source of untapped prospect potential.

After all, buyers are five times more likely to engage with a sales person if the outreach is through a mutual connection.

Think about your day-to-day interactions with your co-workers: How many of these conversations are NOT taking place? How many existing relationships within your company go unnoticed and untapped?

At Pitney Bowes, the sales team uses social sales to easily uncover co-workers who can help them connect with leads. With most of their senior executives on LinkedIn, the Pitney Bowes sales team can leverage TeamLink to uncover co-workers who can set-up warm introductions to decision makers. As a part of Sales Navigator, TeamLink has helped Pitney Bowes speed up their sales cycle and uncover new opportunities.

First Business Financial Services also uses TeamLink to discover warm paths to prospective customers. Due to the connections they uncover, sales professionals are now three times more successful at setting up meetings. TeamLink gives you the ability to:

  • Replace cold calls with warm, qualified leads by identifying co-workers who can set-up introductions to prospects.
  • Focus on the highest potential accounts by prioritizing your prospects based on their level of connection to co-workers.
  • Learn quickly of new potential prospects by receiving an alert when a co-worker makes a connection to someone who matches your lead criteria.

An introduction from a co-worker can be the key to connecting with a difficult-to-reach decision maker. By using TeamLink, you can strategically uncover links between your co-workers and your prospects without even leaving your desk. Learn more about how sales professionals can use LinkedIn to connect with decision makers at their target accounts with: Achieving Social Selling Success, How Leading Sales Pros use LinkedIn for Social Selling.