Social Selling Challenge of the Month: Ask for 3 New Introductions

In this month’s social selling challenge, we encourage you to improve prospect engagement by taking advantage of the “Get Introduced” feature on LinkedIn.

June 10, 2015


Maybe you drink the same coffee every morning. Despite commercials for more luxurious brands, you stick with what you know. Then, a co-worker tells you how amazing the coffee she drinks is. Because you trust her judgement, and because it would be nice to feel as excited about your coffee, you give her recommendation a shot.

Asking for introductions from existing LinkedIn connections to prospects (2nd degree connections) works with the same logic, and is a highly productive social selling activity. Why toot your own horn when your current connections can speak to your value for you? Statistics show that your buyers are five times more likely to engage when outreach is through a mutual connection, meaning a fuller, higher probability pipeline can happen with less work.

Getting introduced on LinkedIn is simple, and we hereby challenge you to put it into practice three times in the next 30 days. Here’s how to ask for an introduction to a sales prospect on LinkedIn:

  1. Find your way to the profile of a second degree connection you’d like an introduction to.
  1. In the top section of the profile, there is a down arrow. Hover your cursor over it and select the “Get introduced” option.
  1. Select the person you would like to make the introduction.
  1. Draft a personalized, strategic message that explains why you are making the request. Put yourself in the mutual connection’s shoes and ask yourself, “Would I feel comfortable making this introduction?” Sometimes this text gets forwarded to the prospect, so the safe bet is to assume that your message will always be forwarded.
  2. Click “Send request,” then you’re done.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, now is the time to start. Check out this post on reverse engineering LinkedIn introductions to learn how to identify your contacts’ most valuable connections before asking for referrals, and see for yourself how valuable this social selling tactic can be.

Check out our eBook on The New Formula for Connecting With B2B Buyers to go one step further in honing your warm-path outreach efforts.